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The nature and influence of religious experience
What do theists believe,
Give four different ways in which...,
How are religious experiences see...
40  cards
Influence of religious experience as an argument for the existence of god
What is the three point a posteri...,
Give four reasons for supporting ...,
What are the first two parts of s...
30  cards
The problem of evil
What is the problem of evil,
What is natural evil,
What is moral evil
20  cards
Solutions to the problem of evil and suffering
What is a theodicy,
Give three points about the free ...,
What was augustine influenced by ...
30  cards
Design argument
What is the philosophical categor...,
Simply put how does the design ar...,
What is paley s analogy of the watch
20  cards
Cosmological argument
What is the argument based on,
Explain leibniz s principle of su...,
Describe the background to the ka...
20  cards
Ontological argument
What is the philosophical categor...,
What are some of the characterist...,
How is god defined within anselm ...
25  cards
Analogy and symbol
What does religious language refe...,
In what three ways could be expla...,
What is the problem with univocal...
25  cards
Verification and falsification debates
What do christians tend to believ...,
What was the vienna circle,
According to the logical positivi...
25  cards
Strengths and weaknesses of religious belief
What was the enlightenment,
According to westphal how did the...,
What does deism reject
20  cards
Language games
What did wittgenstein argue,
What did wittgenstein say about f...,
Explain wittgenstein s analogy of...
15  cards
A comparison between a critic of religion and a religious believer
Give a background to the debate,
What is the first point on the ar...,
What is the second point on the a...
15  cards
Views about life after death
How do many philosophers view pos...,
What do dualists believe,
Describe the two conflicting chri...
30  cards
Points for discussion about life after death
What provides the best evidnace f...,
Who is the earliest dualist thinker,
What does plato say about opposed...
30  cards
Religion and science debates and their significance for philosophy of religion
What are the three stages of the ...,
How can inductive and deductive r...,
What are the two religious approa...
30  cards

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