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Direct/Indirect Realism (epistemology)
Direct realism,
Issue 1 with direct realism perce...,
Reasons why direct realism is app...
28  cards
Idealism (epistemology)
Central ideas of berkely s idealism,
How might the problem of indirect...
18  cards
Innatism (epistemology)
Analytic vs synthetic,
Necessary vs contingent truths,
Three knowledges
19  cards
Intuition and Deduction Thesis (epistemology)
Intuition meaning,
Deduction meaning,
How does descartes use intuition ...
32  cards
What is Knowledge (epistemology)
3 main types of knowledge examples,
Zagezebski s two reasons why prop...,
Zagzebski s nature of definition ...
28  cards
Limits of Knowlege(epistemology)
Philosophical scepticism,
Normal doubt,
Descartes 3waves of doubt
10  cards
Utilitarianism (moral philo)
Moral hedonism
43  cards
Kantian Deontology (moral philo)
What does a deontologist say abou...,
What is meant if an action has in...,
Duty def
34  cards
Aristotleian Virtue Ethics (Moral philo)
Virtue vs vice,
How does ve differ from utilitari...,
32  cards
Metaethics - Moral Realism (moral philo)
Where do moral instincts come from 3,
Moral realist belief
26  cards
Metaethics- Moral Anti-Realism
Moral anti realism def,
Error theory mackie,
2 analogies to understand moral e...
20  cards
Applied ethics
Utilitarianism lying all 3,
Deontology lying 2 forms of ci,
Virtue ethics lying
16  cards
The concept and nature of God (God)
Descartes understanding of gods o...,
Aquinas issue with descartes unde...
32  cards
The Problem Of Evil (God)
Moral vs natural evil issue of de...,
Libertarian free will and hard de...,
What does hard determinism lead to
22  cards
Ontological Arguments (god)
What does ontology mean,
How are ontological arguments ded...,
Evaluating deductive arguments 2
27  cards
Cosmological Arguments (God)
What does cosmology mean,
The 6 cosmological arguments divi...,
Causation vs contingency arg
34  cards
Teleological arguments (GOD)
Teleology meaning,
What is the difference between th...,
Hume s design argument from analo...
27  cards
Religious Language (God)
Cognitivism vs non cognitivism ab...,
The verification principle ayers,
Issue of verification principle p...
16  cards
Substance Dualism (mind)
32  cards
Physicalism; Behaviourism (metaphysics Of Mind)
Physicalism def,
Strengths of physicalism materialism
22  cards
Functionalism ( mind )
What is functionalism,
What is a function,
Functional definition
23  cards
Eliminative Materialism (mind)
3 features of folk psychology,
Paul churchland s 3 reasons why h...,
What is elimintavism eliminative ...
15  cards
Mind-Brain Identity Theory (mind)
What do the claim,
Type tokens,
Mind brain type identity claims
17  cards
Property Dualism (mind)
Substance dualism vs property dua...,
How does pd solve issues with sd ...,
31  cards

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