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Decks in this class (19)

Theism and the problem of evil
Types of beliefs,
The ontological argument,
Objection s to
10  cards
Causal determinism and the problem it is thought to pose for free will
Causal determinism,
The argument from determinism,
The argument from indeterminism
5  cards
Compatibilism about free will
Incompatibilism vs compatibilism,
Agent causation,
Why agent causation is required f...
12  cards
The “duplication problem” for psychological theories of personal identity over time
The duplication problem,
Thoughts on the duplication problem,
Contradiction to the theory
8  cards
The analysis of knowledge
The jtb analysis,
Gettier s argument,
The case of smith and jones
13  cards
The skeptical argument based on the premise that knowledge requires evidential certainty
Skepticism about the external world,
Skeptical hypotheses,
13  cards
Theories of well-being
The desire theory,
The objective list theory
20  cards
T. Nagel on death
Biological death,
Nagel s main goals,
Nagel on why life is good
10  cards
Philosophers + beliefs
7  cards
Philosophers + beliefs v2
Elizabeth of bohemia
8  cards
Paley on the “local” argument from design
Local vs global,
Local argument from design,
Priori vs a posteriori
7  cards
The mind-body problem
1  cards
Nagel on what it’s like to be a bat
What is it like to be an echoloca...
7  cards
Jackson’s “black-and-white Mary” argument
0  cards
Kant on the universal law formulation of the Categorical Imperative
Kinds of psychological motivators,
15  cards
Hobbes on why the state of nature is a state of war
0  cards
Rawls’s two principles
0  cards
Wolf and Scheffler on the meaning of life
0  cards
Clifford and James
0  cards

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