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Introduction to Phlebotomy
Ceu s
15  cards
Hazard biological,
Hazard physical
13  cards
Infection Control
Resident flora,
Opportunist microorganism,
6  cards
unit 1 study guide
What is phlebotomy,
Job duties of a phlebotomist,
Personal characteristics of a phl...
33  cards
chain of infection
Mode of transmission,
Portal of exit,
Susceptible host
6  cards
Hospital Organization (professional services)
Cardiac catherization,
Clinical laboratory,
Nuclear medicine
9  cards
medical terms
Part of a word,
What is the root,
What is the prefix
89  cards
unit 2 chapter 6 part one
Levels of organization of the hum...,
Cell structure,
20  cards
chapter 6 quiz
Contains dna,
Regulates the flow of materials i...
16  cards
body position
8  cards
chapter 6 part 2
Body cavities,
Body planes,
Sagittal plane
7  cards
chapter 2 body systems
Skeletal system,
Skeletal system function,
13  cards
muscular system
Muscular system,
During flexion the biceps is called
6  cards
integumentary system
Integumtary system,
8  cards
digestive system
Digestive system,
Digestive organs
7  cards
urinary system
Lab test
4  cards
patient prep
Before blood collection,
Who can order lab test,
Check lab order form for
28  cards
organs in each system
Integumentary test
12  cards
study guide 2
Pulmonary circulation,
Systemic circulation,
Four chambers
15  cards
venipuncture equipment chapter 8
Equipment needed for venipuncture,
How often should empty and disinf...,
The smaller the gauge number
18  cards
chapter 8 part 2
Types of tourniquet
19  cards
chapter 8 part 3
Order of draw,
Developed a set standard dictatin...,
Anticoagulants types
14  cards
chapter 9
6  cards
hw quiz 8910
3 types of blood specimens used f...,
How long should a tourniquet stay...,
Explain the purpose of the bt
25  cards
study guide unit 3
Basal state,
Newborn screening test how to col...,
Anchoring the vein p75 in nha
13  cards
chapter 11
Preanalytical variables,
Analytical variable,
Postanalytical variable
14  cards
unit 4 chapter 14
Factors that influence blood comp...,
2 metabolic stimulants that are p...,
Fasting specimens
19  cards
unit 4 chapter 14 part 2
Blood cultures bc septicemia,
Blood cultures bc sepsis
17  cards
unit 4 part 3
Special specimen collection and h...,
20  cards
unit 4 chapter 15
Urine contains,
Urine samples should be delivered...,
Types of urine samples
15  cards
unit 4 chapter 15 part 2
Semen specimen,
Semen specimen procedure,
Throat specimen
12  cards
chapter 15 questions
An 8 hour urine specimen is typic...,
Which urine specimen is most comm...,
Sweat electrolyte chloride test i...
6  cards
chapter 16 questions
Cold agglutinins and cryofibrinog...,
Infant bilrubins are transported,
Once a cap is removed from a bloo...
19  cards
vocab mother fucker
Anaerobic bacteria,
Aerobic bacteria
20  cards
unit test 1
Hepato refers to,
Leukocytes refers to,
Clinical and laboratory standards...
35  cards
unit test 2
Organs included in the lymphatic ...,
In venipuncture what type of bloo...
57  cards
unit test 3
No more than 10 of blood volume s...,
A phlebotomist should anchor the ...,
Performing a bilirubin blood coll...
42  cards
unit 4
Specimen requires chilling during...,
What poct can be used to monitor ...,
If there is a question concerning...
46  cards
practice nha
0  cards

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