phm704 pediatrics/geriatrics

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Pediatrics - Introduction/PKPD
What scales are for children 4 or...,
What scale is for children 4 or more,
What scales are for children 10 o...
27  cards
Pediatrics - Drug Delivery/Calculations
What percent of children aged 6 1...,
What are the disadvantages of liq...,
What are pros and cons for chewab...
18  cards
Pediatrics - Bacterial Meningitis & Community-Acquired Pneumonia
What are the most common offender...,
What are the most common offender...,
What are the most common offender...
41  cards
Pediatrics - Acute Otitis Media & Urinary Tract Infections
What is the definition of uncompl...,
What is the definition of non sev...,
What is the definition of severe ...
32  cards
Pediatrics - Vaccine Background
Which vaccines are live attenuated 7,
Which vaccines are toxoid derived 2,
Which vaccines are inactivated 4
25  cards
Pediatrics - Vaccines & Diseases
What is the difference between an...,
What is a contraindication for th...,
What age is covid 19 pfizer biont...
4  cards
Pediatrics - Fluids & Electrolytes
What is the most common cause of ...,
What percents indicate mild dehyd...,
What percents indicate moderate d...
32  cards
Pediatrics - Growth & Nutrition
What growth chart should be used ...,
How much intake should term infan...,
How much intake should 2 10 year ...
41  cards
Geriatrics - Introduction & PKPD
How is the cardiovascular system ...,
How is the central nervous system...,
How is the respiratory system dif...
27  cards
Geriatrics - Safe Med Prescribing, Deprescribing & Fall Risk
What are tools to identify pims,
What are the most prevalent pim c...,
List examples of anticholinergic ...
36  cards
Geriatrics - Urinary Incontinence, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia & Erectile Dysfunction
Explain the voiding parasympathet...,
Explain the storage sympathetic p...,
What are common causes of urinary...
41  cards
Geriatrics - Dementia-Related Psychosis and Agitation
Explain the psychobehavioral meta...,
Explain the dice approach,
List the neuropsychiatric symptom...
17  cards
Geriatrics - Chronic Pain
List examples of acute pain,
List examples of chronic pain,
Explain the difference between ne...
23  cards
Geriatrics - Palliative Care
Define palliative care,
How does a patient qualify for ho...,
What is the difference between pa...
22  cards

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