physical education

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Motor learning and development
Set of characteristics that are e...,
It is associated with disease pre...,
Cardiovascular endurance muscle s...
25  cards
Chapter 14 - Physical Assessment: Types & Use
Which of the following component ...,
Which of the following is not an ...,
In physical education students sh...
55  cards
Chapter 12/13 Physical Individual & Team Activities
Ultimately who should make the de...,
Determine which sport the mayo cl...,
Hi beth size as to which item of ...
104  cards
Chapter 11 Physical Education Class Planning
Determine how middle school stude...,
What is the role of the federal a...,
Determine which is not a level ap...
45  cards
Chapter 10 Physical Activity: Haealth, Fitness, And Performance
If you wanted to apply the overlo...,
Which of the following terms is d...,
How would a golfer apply the spec...
16  cards
Chapter 9 Safety, Injury Prevention & First Aid
What does it mean to monitor stud...,
Where should you position your bo...,
What is a good organizational tac...
20  cards
Chapter 7 Components Of Wellness
Tom is someone who is confident a...,
How might someone demonstrate int...,
Which of the following provides t...
40  cards
Chapter 5 - Motion And Movement
According to newtons third law of...,
Which one is an example of accele...,
In order for an object to move a_...
44  cards
Chapter 6- Effects Of Exercise
Which of these is a distinct go f...,
Which three steps must you go thr...,
What are the two main areas of sp...
35  cards
Chapter 4 Body systems
Which of the following is a true ...,
What differentiates cardiac muscl...,
Which of the following explains h...
40  cards
Factors influencing motor development
What is an example of a fine moto...,
How does gender affect motor deve...,
What is an example of a gross mot...
35  cards

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physical education

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