physical geog 3.1.4 glacial systems + landscapes

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Decks in this class (14) Glaciers as Natural Systems
What s a system,
What are the elements of a system,
What are the attributes of a system
21  cards
CASE STUDY - contrasting Glaciated Landscape From Beyond UK to Analyse how it presents Challenges + Oppurtunities for Human Occupation + Development
Where is it,
Where s the sapmi region,
How many people live in the sapmi...
24  cards Human Impacts On Cold Environments (2)
2 reasons climate is changing,
4 natural causes of climate change,
What are the 2 human causes of cl...
50  cards Human Impacts On Cold Environments
What s a fragile environment,
2 types of effects that can cause...,
What are plants animals in fragil...
46  cards
What s the valley called where is it,
When was the last glacial maximum...,
When was the mini ice age
28  cards Periglacial Landforms
Periglacial landscapes aren t gla...,
What s permafrost 3 types,
Where is continuous permafrost found
38  cards Fluvioglacial Landforms
What is produced when glaciers me...,
What are meltwater streams like,
What causes meltwater to deposit ...
28  cards Glacial Deposition Landforms
2 ways debris transported by a gl...,
What s the most common till,
What s the name for subglacial de...
24  cards Glaciated Erosion Landforms
10 landforms produced by glacial ...,
What do nivation hollows turn into,
How is a nivation hollow formed
34  cards Geomorphological Processes 2
Define erosion,
Define weathering,
What s is situ
22  cards The Nature And Distribution Of Cold Environments
4 cold environments,
Where are tundra areas only found,
2 egs of areas with tundra enviro...
49  cards Systems and Processes
What s a glacier,
What s a valley glacier,
What s a corrie glacier
30  cards Warm and Cold Based Glaciers
2 ways of classifying glaciers,
2 types of glaciers thermal regime,
Where do temperate glaciers occur eg
27  cards Geomorphological Processes
2 ways the rigid upper layer of i...,
2 ways the plastics lower layer i...,
Why are glaciers slower st valley...
57  cards

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physical geog 3.1.4 glacial systems + landscapes

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