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physical geography - a level aqa

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✅ - The concept of Hazard in Geographical Context
What is hazard risk,
What are geophysical hazards,
What is an atmospheric hazard
29  cards
✅ - Plate Tectonics
Describe the crust,
Describe oceanic plates,
Describe continental plates
30  cards
✅CASE STUDY - San Andreas Fault
Where is the san andreas fault,
How long is the fault line,
What type of fault is it
19  cards
✅ - Volcanic Hazards
What are the characteristics of s...,
Where are shield volcanoes found,
What are the characteristics of c...
39  cards
✅Case Study - Eyjafjallajokull 2010
What type of plate boundary is ey...,
Where is eyjafjallajokull,
Which plates meet on the boundary
27  cards
✅ - Seismic Hazards
What are seismic hazards,
What is seismicity,
How are seismic waves formed
31  cards
✅Case Study - Nepal 2015
When did the earthquake occur,
How long did the earthquake last for,
Where on the richter scale was th...
43  cards
✅ - Storm Hazards
What is a tropical storm,
How do tropical storms form,
Where are hurricanes found
35  cards
✅Case Study - Hurricane Sandy 2012
When did hurricane sandy occur,
Where did the hurricane originate,
When did the eye begin developing
33  cards
✅Case Study - Typhoon Haiyan 2013
Where did the typhoon originate,
When did the typhoon occur,
Why were storm surges increased
35  cards
✅ - Fires in Nature
What is a wildfire,
What are the tree things needed f...,
What can sources of fuel include
20  cards
✅Case Study - Alberta 2016
How did the climate encourage the...,
How much rainfall was seen in for...,
Why did below average precipitati...
32  cards
✅Case Study - Philippines Multihazardous
What hazards does the philippines...,
What is the most frequent hazard ...,
What is resilience
29  cards
✅Case Study - Caracas Local Hazards
Where is caracas,
How does infrastructure make cara...,
How many main water pipes run acr...
36  cards
✅ - Coasts as Natural Systems
What type of system is the coast,
What is an open system,
What effect can feedbacks have on...
18  cards
✅ - Systems and Processes
What are some of the sources of e...,
How does the wind provide energy,
How do waves provide energy
63  cards
✅ - Coastal Landscape Development
How is a wave cut platform formed,
What effect do wave cut platforms...,
What type of process is soil creep
108  cards
✅ - Coastal Management
How many people lived within the ...,
How much of uk manufacturing lies...,
How much of coastal land is built on
53  cards
✅Case Study - Slapton Line Management
What is the slapton line,
Where is slapton sands,
Why is the shingle barrier under ...
29  cards
✅Case Study - Odisha ICZM
What is an iczm,
What objectives do iczms bring to...,
Why did an iczm work in odisha
28  cards
✅ - Water and Carbon Cycles as Natural Systems
What is a system,
What are elements,
What are attributes
22  cards
✅ - The Water Cycle
Gas liquid,
Liquid gas,
Liquid solid
65  cards
✅Case Study - Pickering Beck
What is pickering beck,
How far does the beck run for,
Which national park is the beck l...
24  cards
✅ - The Carbon Cycle
What is a carbon store,
What is a carbon sink,
What is a carbon source
62  cards
✅ - Water, Carbon and Life on Earth
What type of feedback is sea ice ...,
How do marine phytoplankton link ...,
What type of feedback is permafro...
23  cards
✅Case Study - The Amazon
What area does the amazon cover,
Which countries does the amazon c...,
How much of the worlds rainforest...
37  cards

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