physical science

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Chapter 10 Terms
Stationary electrical charges,
The force between electrical charges,
Like charges repel unlike charges...
41  cards
10A Section review
What causes electrical charges to...,
How does the strength of this for...,
How many kinds of electrical char...
16  cards
10 B Section review
How can you tell that an electros...,
Can you tell from an electroscope...,
Describe electrical conductors in...
9  cards
10 C Section review
Contrast static electricity curre...,
Compare the two models of how ele...,
How does conventional current com...
19  cards
10 Chapter review
Why does rubbing a balloon on you...,
What weather condition helps stat...,
How can an insulator like wool lo...
30  cards
10D Section review
Describe a series circuit include...,
Describe a parallel circuit inclu...,
What happens to the current in a ...
10  cards
Chapter 11 Terms
Any object that possesses or can ...,
One of the areas of concentrated ...,
Any object or particle with magne...
29  cards
11 A Section review
What is any object that possesses...,
T or f magnetic fields interact w...,
Permanent magnetism is a property...
10  cards
11 B Section review
Which type of magnetic material i...,
How does it make an electromagnet...,
What must take place for electrom...
9  cards
11 Electromagnetic spectrum
The electromagnetic spectum cover...,
List at least two examples of thi...,
Electromagnetic waves have what t...
8  cards
11 C Section Review
Describe the basic construction o...,
In which coil of a transformer do...,
List at least four everyday appli...
6  cards
12 A Section review
What do periodic oscillations loo...,
What characteristic makes them es...,
What is the mathematical relation...
9  cards
Chapter 12 Terms
Periodic motion,
Rest position,
33  cards
12 B Section review
Describe the parts of an ideal pe...,
What was the first recorded use o...,
What were three historical views ...
7  cards
12 C Section review
What do we call waves in matter t...,
Sketch a single cycle of a wavefo...,
What is the matter called through...
11  cards
Chapter 12 Review
Compare the way a ringing bell mo...,
How does the amplitude of an osci...,
Express hertz in terms of one of ...
14  cards

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