physics 2 - waves and the electromagnetic spectrum

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What is ultrasound,
How is the distance between a shi...,
Explain how ultrasound is used in...
19  cards
What does a converging lens look ...,
What does a diverging lens look l...,
What does a converging lens do
20  cards
EM Waves' Dangers And Uses
Radiowaves uses,
Radiowaves dangers,
Microwave uses
20  cards
Transverse And Longitudinal Waves
What do waves transfer and not tr...,
What is the frequency of a wave,
What is the equation for the velo...
11  cards
Sound Waves
How would you measure the speed o...,
Does sound move quicker in water ...,
How does sound travel through air
16  cards
What is refraction,
If light is coming in from a less...,
If light is coming in from a dens...
13  cards
Visible Light And Colour
Why do we see the colour blue,
What is a colour filter,
What is white light
15  cards
Difference between specular and d...,
When does total internal reflecti...,
What happens as you increase the ...
18  cards
Emitting And Absorbing Radiation
What are all objects doing,
What does the distribution and in...,
What happens as the temperature o...
13  cards
P/S Waves And Infrasound
Uses of infrasound waves,
What is a seismic wave,
What type of wave is a p wave
11  cards
Microwaves And Infrared
Why are different wavelengths of ...,
How do microwaves heat up food,
What is another way of explaining...
18  cards
More Uses Of Electromagnetic Waves
What is visible light in relation...,
How do traditional cameras create...,
How do digital cameras form images
18  cards

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physics 2 - waves and the electromagnetic spectrum

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