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Forces and Motion
Air resistance,
42  cards
Acceleration formula,
Gravitational field formula,
Resultant force
29  cards
energy resources
How is coal energy from the sun,
How is hydroelectric energy from ...,
How is wind energy from the sun
10  cards
2 thermal physics
Absolute zero,
Brownian motion,
Convert temperatures between kelv...
22  cards
thermal energy transfers
Thermal conduction,
Experiment to demonstrate conduction,
How does conduction work
20  cards
thermal properties
What is thermal expansion,
How is temperature measured by li...,
Whatr is sensitivity of a thermom...
11  cards
Electromagnetic waves and sound waves
Transverse wave,
45  cards
Incident ray,
Reflected ray,
Ray diagram
32  cards
4 Electricity and magnetism
Equation for resistance,
What is the relationship of the r...,
What is the relationship of the r...
27  cards
refraction, reflection, diffraction
because i somehow manage to always fck em up
7  cards
4.5 electromagnetic effects
How can an emf in the conductor b...,
Factors that affect the magnitude...,
Construction of a simple transformer
21  cards
Permanent magnets,
Hard magnetic materials,
Examples of hard magnetic materials
21  cards
Electrical circuits
Alternating current,
33  cards
5 Nuclear physics (5.1 -5.2.2)
Structure of an atom,
How may atoms form positive ions,
How may atoms form negative ions
49  cards
5 Radioactivity (5.23 - 5.25)
What happens to the nucleus durin...,
Why may isotopes of an element be...
17  cards
Practical skills
How to make results more reliable,
Why use burette over measuring cy...,
Issues that can effect the result...
14  cards
Space Physics
How long does it take the earth t...,
What causes the apparant daily mo...,
How long does it take the earth t...
56  cards
space physics ppq
Why does the moon have phases,
Why do we never see the other sid...
12  cards
mnemonics for soluble and insoluble salts
Soluble salts mnemonics,
Naknuh salts are,
Cls no pbag are
7  cards
Electrophysics questions
To test whether 2 magnets are per...,
To make an electromagnet,
How to change the strength of the...
5  cards

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