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P1 - Conservation & dissipation of energy
What are the 4 types of energy tr...,
What are all eight energy stores,
What is the equation for kinetic ...
25  cards
P2 - Energy transfer by heating
What is the textbook definition f...,
What is thermal conductivity,
Which materials have a low therma...
24  cards
P3 - Energy resources
What are the 9 main energy resour...,
What is a renewable energy resource,
What is a non renewable energy re...
15  cards
P4 - Electric circuits
What is an insulator,
What is a conductor,
What are like charges
60  cards
P5 - Electricity In The Home
What is the equation that links c...,
What is the equation that links,
What is the equation that links p...
40  cards
P6 - Molecules And Matter
What is a plateau,
What is the equation for density,
What are the units of density
33  cards
P7 - Radioactivity
What is activity,
What is alpha radiation,
What is an atomic number
41  cards
P8 - Forces In Balance
What is a scalar quantity,
What is a vector quantity,
What is displacement
22  cards
P9 - Motion
What is speed,
What are the units for speed,
What is a light gate
25  cards
P10 - Forces & Motion
What is breaking distance,
What is the conservation of momentum,
What does directionally proportio...
37  cards
P11 - Force & Pressure
What is pressure,
What is the unit of pressure,
What is the equation for pressure
25  cards
P12 - Wave Properties
What is a wave,
What is an oscillation,
What is a medium
31  cards
P13 - Electromagnetic Waves
What are carrier waves,
What is a charge coupled device ccd,
What is a contrast medium
54  cards
P14 - Light
What is a plane mirror,
What is the angle of incidence,
What is the angle of refelection
29  cards
P15 - Electromagnetism
What is an alternator,
What is a dynamo,
What is an electromagnet
37  cards
P16 - Space ⛔
0  cards

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