physics 3 - radioactivity and astronomy

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Nuclear Fusion And Fission
What is nuclear fusion,
What is nuclear fission,
How is nuclear fission done
12  cards
What is the rate at which unstabl...,
What is the radiation given out f...,
What does the geiger muller tube ...
23  cards
Isotopes And Nuclear Radiation
What kind of atoms tend to decay ...,
How many isotopes of an element a...,
What do radioactive substances do...
18  cards
Uses Of Radiation
What can food be irradiated with,
What can medical equipment be ste...,
Why is irradiation a good method ...
14  cards
PET Scanning And Radiotherapy
What is a radioactive tracer used...,
How is radioactive tracer put in ...,
What are the 3 ways radioactive t...
16  cards
The Life Cycle Of Stars
When does a star form,
Process of a star forming,
What happens to small to medium s...
10  cards
Red Shift And The Big Bang
What is the universe currently doing,
What does the expansion of the un...,
What have we discovered about the...
15  cards
Changing Ideas About The Universe
What is the geocentric model,
Why did people believe in the geo...,
How long was the geocentric model...
15  cards
Looking Into Space
What do telescopes help you do,
What is a telescope called that d...,
What do telescopes use to allow y...
19  cards
The Solar System And Gravity
What is the solar system,
What does the solar system include,
What are planets
17  cards
Nuclear Fission
What is nuclear fission industrially,
How does the fission of a uranium...,
What is fission
18  cards
Nuclear Fusion And Nuclear Power
What is nuclear fusion the opposi...,
What happens in nuclear fusion,
What does the fusion of hydrogen ...
15  cards
Background Radiation And Contamination
What is background radiation,
What are the three ways that back...,
What are some examples of where n...
23  cards
Nuclear Equations
What are nuclear equations,
What form are nuclear equations w...,
What is the main thing to look ou...
15  cards

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physics 3 - radioactivity and astronomy

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