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P1: Motion
What does the distance time graph...,
What does the gradient on a dista...,
Speed in m s
17  cards
P2: Resultant Forces
What can force affect,
Resultant force
9  cards
P3: Momentum and Force
Is momentum a scalar or a vector,
The law of conservation of momentum
7  cards
P4: More About Forces
Stopping distance,
Thinking distance,
Braking distance
13  cards
P5: Forces and Energy
Work j,
What is needed for work to be done
14  cards
P7: General Properties of Waves
What do waves do,
Mechanical waves,
Longitudinal waves
25  cards
P8: Electromagnetic Waves
Electromagnetic spectrum,
Units of electromagnetic wave mea...,
How fast do electromagnetic waves...
25  cards
P9: Sound and Ultrasound
Can sound waves travel through a ...,
What speed does sound travel at,
What is a humans frequency range
15  cards
P10: Reflection and Refraction of Light
Angle of incidence,
Virtual image,
Real image
15  cards
P11: Lenses and The Eye
Uses of a convex lens
37  cards
P13: Kinetic Theory
Gas liquid,
Liquid gas,
Solid liquid
24  cards
P14: Energy Transfer by Heating
What is the role of free electrons,
What are the best conductors of e...,
What are the best insulators
20  cards
P15: Energy Transfers and Efficiency
Conservation of energy,
How can energy be stored,
Useful energy
12  cards
P16: Electricity
Rubbing a polythene rod with a dr...,
Rubbing a perspex rod with a dry ...
31  cards
P17: Household Electricity
Direct current,
Alternating current,
What is the mains frequency in th...
28  cards
P18: Motors, Generators and Transformers
Describe the magnetic field patte...,
Describe the magnetic field patte...,
What is special about a uniform f...
42  cards
P19: Radioactivity
Why do some atoms emit radiation,
3 types of radiation,
Relative mass of protons
10  cards
P20: Energy from the Nucleus
Nuclear fission,
Fission neutrons,
What three things are produced by...
38  cards
P12: Red Shift
The doppler effect,
How does a sound change when the ...,
How does a sound change when the ...
13  cards
P6: Forces in Action
The centre of mass,
Where is the centre of mass on a ...,
Test for the centre of mass of a ...
32  cards

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