physics paper 1

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Measurements and Their Errors
What are the si units,
What are the unit prexfixes you n...,
How do you convert between electr...
13  cards
Particles and Nuclides
What is the nucleon number,
What is the atomic proton number,
What is specific charge
28  cards
Fundamental Particles
What are the four fundamental forces,
What are the fundamental particle...,
What are exchange particles
25  cards
Electrons and Energy Levels
What is a continuous spectrum,
What is a line spectrum,
Explain how line spectra are prod...
14  cards
Particles of Light
What is the photoelectric effect,
What is threshold frequency,
Describe the effect of increasing...
20  cards
Describe a transverse wave diagram,
Longitudinal wave diagram,
What is a transverse wave
50  cards
Combining Waves
What is a stationary wave,
How are stationary waves produced,
What is interference
36  cards
Current Electricity
What is electric current,
Electric current equation,
What directions do electrons move
25  cards
Electrical Current
Describe current voltage and resi...,
Describe current voltage and resi...,
What is power
28  cards
Introduction to Mechanics
What is a scalar quantity,
What is a vector quantity,
Give some examples of scalar quan...
22  cards
Motion and it's Measurements
What is speed,
What is displacement,
What is velocity
27  cards
What is momentum,
What is the equation for momentum,
What is the conservation of linea...
12  cards
Newton's Laws and Work, Energy and Power
What is newton s 1st law of motion,
What is newton s 2nd law of motion,
What is newton s 3rd law of motion
19  cards
What is density,
Density equation,
What does hooke s law state
31  cards
Further Mechanics
Describe motion in a circular path,
Which direction does a centripeta...,
What is angular speed
35  cards

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