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Nuclear Decay
Get thorough with all concepts in the chapter
25  cards
Nuclear fission and fusion
Come to terms with the last part of topic 5
24  cards
Oscillations - SHM
Identify situations in which SHM will occur. Recognize gradient as velocity in a s-t graph. Total energy of an undamped SHM remains constant.
11  cards
Damped and forced oscillations
Understand free and forced oscillations, damped oscillations, resonance, resonance problems and damping solutions,
13  cards
Gravitational fields
Use Newton's law of gravitation. Compare electric and gravitational fields. Use formula for gravitational field due to a point mass.
8  cards
Understand stellar properties
21  cards
Stellar evolution
Understand the life cycle of low-mass and massive stars.
21  cards
Stellar evolution of a massive star
Understand the life cycle of a massive star.
12  cards
Hubble's law
Come to grips with big distance units, trigonometric parallax, standard candles, the age of the universe, doppler red shift, hubble's law, the fate of the universe and dark matter.
25  cards
Thermal physics
Get to grips with terms like heat and temperature. Learn the meaning of absolute temperature and how it's related to the average kinetic energy of molecules. E=mcT 0.5mc^2=3/2kT pV=NkT
24  cards

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Only lacks thermal part Good way to absorb textbook.

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