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Intro to CVS
Why do we need the cvs,
What is passive diffusion,
What is the equation for passive ...
27  cards
The Cardiac Cycle
What is convection,
What are the main functions of th...,
Describe the sinoatrial node san
29  cards
Control of cardiac output
What is the definition of cardiac...,
What is the equation for cardiac ...,
What is the equation for blood pr...
41  cards
Cardiac contraction
What is the duration of an action...,
What is the amount of diastolic ca2,
What is the amount of systolic ca2
35  cards
What is an ecg,
What needs to happen to the pd fo...,
How do changes in potential diffe...
17  cards
Development of the heart and blood vessels
What is the defect associated wit...,
What is the defect associated wit...,
What is the defect associated wit...
51  cards
Principles of Haemodynamics
Define haemodynamics,
What are factors that increase bl...,
Where is the majority of the bloo...
51  cards
Control of blood flow
What three things mainly control tpr,
What does an increase in resistan...,
What is the equation for blood fl...
41  cards
Nervous and hormonal control of vascular tone
What is intrinsic control,
What is extrinsic control,
What are vasoconstrictor hormones
47  cards
Capillaries I - Solute exchange
What does metabolism create,
What do cell membranes consist of,
What do cell membranes form
45  cards
Capillaries II - Fluid Exchange
What is the importance of fluid e...,
Where does fluid move in the capi...,
What kind of pressure do large mo...
32  cards
Properties of Special Circulation
What are the 5 special circulations,
What are the 3 characteristics to...,
Where do the two coronary arterie...
46  cards
Reflex control of the CVS
What reflexes do excitatory input...,
Which receptors generate excitato...,
What reflexes do inhibitory input...
67  cards
Co-ordinated cardiovascular responses - Gravity & Exercise
What is orthostasis,
What happens to blood pressure in...,
What three changes does the baror...
33  cards
What does coagulation prevent,
What is coagulation,
What do anticoagulants prevent
51  cards
Mechanisms of Atheroma & Infarction
What is an atheroma,
What is an atheroma caused by and...,
What is an infarction
37  cards
Pharmacology of the CVS
What is angina,
What are the symptoms of angina p...,
How many people suffer from angin...
34  cards
CVS Equations
Cardiac output,
Blood flow,
Passive diffusion
17  cards

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