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Lecture 1 Terms/Questions/Outline
What is physiology,
Definition of physiology,
Definition of living or alive min...
10  cards
Lecture 2 Terms/Questions
43  cards
Lectures 3 & 4 JUST Terms
Fluid compartment,
129  cards
Lectures 3 & 4 Questions
Name the 3 body fluid compartment...,
Give the ionic concentration of i...,
List and explain the functions of...
80  cards
Lectures 5 & 6 JUST Terms
Adenylyl cyclase,
Afferent pathway,
97  cards
Lecture 5 & 6 Questions
List define the 4 basic mechanism...,
If 2 cells are connected by gap j...,
What s the difference between par...
31  cards
Lecture 7 Terms/Questions
Equilibrium potential,
Resting membrane potential,
Na k atpase
28  cards
Lecture 8 & 9
Central nervous system,
Efferent nervous system,
Afferent nervous system
70  cards
Lecture 8 & 9 Questions
List the functional components of...,
How are neurons specialized to ca...,
Draw label a neuron
30  cards
Lecture 10 & 11 Terms
5 hydroxytryptamine 5 ht,
Absolute refractory peri,
Acetycholine ac
186  cards
Lecture 10 & 11 Questions
What is a synapse,
Do synapses always occur between ...,
Define epsp ipsp grand sum
32  cards
Lecture 2 Outline
What are the properties of molecu...,
How are proteins molecular tools,
Definition of biomolecules
21  cards
Lecture 3 & 4 Outline
What are the 4 functions of the c...,
What is the structure of cell mem...,
What are the 4 types of lipids
40  cards
Lectures 5 & 6 Outline
What are the 4 mechanisms for cel...,
What does long distance communica...,
What are the 2 main categories ba...
22  cards
Lecture 7 Outline
Electrochemical gradients are dep...,
Membrane potential vs rmp,
Define depolarization
37  cards
Lectures 8 & 9 Outline
Anatomical organization of the ns,
Functional organization of the ns,
Neurons are specialized to ______
43  cards
Lecture 10 & 11 Outline
What are synapses,
Synapses can be classified in sev...,
Describe synaptic activity
76  cards
Lecture 12-13 Outline
Cns develops from a,
At the 3rd week of development th...,
By the 4th week it hollow tube
138  cards
Lecture 12 & 13 Questions (few ? q's)
Draw and label the organization o...,
What s the difference between whi...,
Where is each located in the brai...
36  cards
Lecture 14 Outline
What roles do senses play why do ...,
What are the special senses,
What are the somatic senses somat...
90  cards
Lecture 14 Questions UNFINISHED
What makes a sense a special sense,
List four of each,
Define receptor in two ways
21  cards
Lecture 15 Outline
The eye is the,
List describe the mechanisms that...,
What is conjunctiva
83  cards
Lecture 15 Questions UNFINISHED
Describe the functional anatomy o...,
What does the lens of the eye acc...,
Describe organization of the retina
14  cards
Lecture 16 Outline
Smooth muscle cardiac muscle glan...,
Describe the autonomic nervous sy...,
Why are reflexes important for au...
62  cards
Lecture 16 Questions UNFINISHED
What are the two branches of the ...,
How does afferent play a role,
Do visceral effectors need the an...
10  cards
Lecture 17 & 18 Outline
What are the 3 types of muscle,
Skeletal muscle,
Cardiac muscle
165  cards
Endocrinology Lectures 2021
Describe endocrinology as a science,
When did endocrinology begin,
Was the secretion of alkaline jui...
206  cards
Reproduction Lectures 2021 - MALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM
Reproductive organs gonads in fem...,
103  cards
Reproduction Lectures 2021 - FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM
Female reproductive system is muc...,
Two critical differences in gamet...,
81  cards
Reproduction Lectures 2021 - FERTILIZATION & SEX DETERMINATION
Conception can only take place in a,
Conception usually takes place in...
89  cards
The brain controls,
Gnrh containing neurons mainly lo...,
Posterior pituitary
77  cards
Reproduction Lectures 2021 - Contraception & Infertility
How is contraception increased th...,
In the us half of all women will ...,
Approximately 50 of unintended pr...
30  cards

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