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1.2 Intro to Markets
Operating reserve,
Primary reserve nerc equivalent t...,
Primary reserve 2 categories
10  cards
1.3 Dispatch Signal / LMP
Dispatch rate units purpose what ...,
What pjm program calculates the d...,
What is the economic basepoint un...
14  cards
1.4 Communications
What are the 3 categories for all...,
What are 6 types of operational m...,
What is 1 type of informational m...
9  cards
1.5 Telecommunications
Pjmnet is a wide area private net...,
Wind resource real time data requ...,
Real time data for wind plants fr...
3  cards
2.1 Day-Ahead Energy Market
Markets gateway is the system tha...,
Any pjm generation capacity resou...,
Generation capacity resources sha...
13  cards
2.2 eDART & Gen Checkout
What does gen checkout compare,
When does gen checkout occur,
What are the deadlines for gen ch...
3  cards
2.4 Real-Time Energy Market
What is another name for the real...,
How often are clearing prices cal...,
When does real time settlement begin
13  cards
3.1-3.4 Real Time Operational Considerations
When must a go notify pjm before ...,
Gos must also notify pjm when 2,
How often is the irc conducted
8  cards
4.1 Regulation Market
What are 4 characteristics of reg...,
Rega vs regd,
What does 20 mw of regulation mean
9  cards
5.1 Reserve Market
What are the two types of synchro...,
What is the minimum capability fo...,
What is the timeframe for tier 2 ...
11  cards
6.1 Outage Types / Entering Tickets
What is the only reason pjm will ...,
How are outage requests honored b...,
What are the 3 outage categories
22  cards
6.2 Reactive Reserves and Generator D Curves
What caused the events in 1999 th...,
When should planned modifications...,
Mocs gos supply reactive power ca...
11  cards
6.3 Reactive Capability Testing & Net Capability Testing
What units must complete reactive...,
How often is reactive testing req...,
For wind solar what percentage of...
21  cards
7.1 Intro to Emergency Procedures
What are the 4 levels of emergenc...,
What is the timeline for advisori...,
What is the timeline for warnings...
8  cards
7.2 Conservative Operations
What is the k threshold for pjm i...,
What is the threshold for issuing...,
What is the threshold for issuing...
8  cards
7.3 Voltage Emergencies
What are the 3 procedures used fo...,
What is the purpose of the low vo...,
What are some of pjms actions dur...
13  cards
7.4 Capacity Emergencies
Which statuses are issued for cap...,
Which statuses are issued for cap...,
What are the 4 types of capacity ...
12  cards
7.5 Supplementary Status Report (SSR)
What is the purpose of the ssr,
How are ssrs requested,
How is ssr reporting handled
4  cards
7.6 Capacity Excess Conditions
What are the potential capacity e...,
What are the load levels that tri...,
What is the trigger for a minimum...
6  cards
8.2 Black Start Definitions & Procurement
How does pjm define a black start...,
How soon does a gop with blacksta...,
How often must blackstart resourc...
16  cards
8.3 Generator Assessment & Roles During Restoration
What is included in the generatio...,
What is included in the load rest...,
What is included in the capacity ...
13  cards
PJM Manuals
Manual 10,
Manual 11,
Manual 12
8  cards
EXAM: Sample Exam (from PJM website)
Real time transmission constraint...,
What is the minimum size for a so...,
Pjm calls for which of the follow...
45  cards
EXAM: Generator Operator Final Exam Questions
2 what program would a generation...,
3 what tool is used by pjm operat...,
5 when emergency procedures are i...
89  cards
QUIZ: Markets & Real Time Ops
1 at a minimum pjm will request a...,
2 a gop who has not been provided...,
3 in what two ways may a unit s n...
27  cards
QUIZ: Balancing Area & Operations - Manual 12
1 pjm is one of the balancing are...,
2 what device responds to minute ...,
3 the rule of thumb is that appro...
35  cards
QUIZ: Balancing Ops - Manual 12 - Final Assessment
1 tlr stands for a transmission l...,
2 pjm dispatching operations are ...,
3 there are two general types of ...
29  cards
QUIZ: Emergency Ops - Manual 13 - Final Assessment
1 who is responsible for determin...,
2 if pjm determines that the fore...,
3 pjm schedules reserves on what ...
37  cards
QUIZ: Generator Operator Requirements - Manual 14D
1 who assigns a commercial plant ...,
2 telecommunications voice and da...,
3 mocs are required to be staffed...
32  cards
QUIZ: Control Center & Data Exchange - Manual 1
1 the pjm ems performs the real t...,
2 how many subsystems does the pj...,
3 what serves as a data archive f...
17  cards
QUIZ: System Restoration (Manual 36)
1 annual restoration training sho...,
2 there is are ________ level s o...,
3 cranking power to neighboring c...
83  cards
QUIZ: Transmission Ops - Manual 3
1 pjm is the reliability coordina...,
2 the bulk electric system bes is...,
3 when it comes to sols who direc...
31  cards
QUIZ: Pre-scheduling Ops - Manual 10
1 with regards to the pjm conting...,
2 the weekend period with regards...,
3 which of the following is not a...
15  cards
QUIZ: Energy & Ancilliary Svcs Mkt Ops - Manual 11
1 pjm is responsible to perform w...,
2 pjm is an rtoa trueb false,
3 who are eligible to submit offe...
20  cards

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