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Cardiovascular Pharmacology
Treatment of primary essential hy...,
Treatment of,
Treatment of htn
107  cards
Endocrine Pharmacology
Treatment strategies for type 1 d...,
Treatment strategies for type 2 d...,
Treatment strategies for gestatio...
87  cards
Gastrointestinal Pharmacology
Name the h2 blockers,
H2 blockers mechanism,
H2 blockers use
49  cards
Hematology and Oncology Pharmacology
Heparin mechanism,
Heparin use,
Heparin toxicity
130  cards
Musculoskeletal, Skin, and Connective Tissue Pharmacology
Acetaminophen mechanism,
Acetaminophen use,
Acetaminophen toxicity
47  cards
Neurology Pharmacology
Glaucoma drugs mechanism,
What are the types of glaucoma drugs,
Name the alpha agonist glaucoma d...
165  cards
Psychiatry Pharmacology
Preferred medications for adhd,
Preferred medications for alcohol...,
Preferred medications for bipolar...
81  cards
Renal Pharmacology
Mannitol mechanism,
Mannitol use,
Mannitol toxicity
50  cards
Reproductive Pharmacology
Leuprolide use,
Name the estrogens
65  cards
Respiratory Pharmacology
Antihistamines mechanism,
Name 3 first generation antihista...,
First generation antihistamines use
50  cards
Pharmacokinetics and Autonomic Drugs
What is bioavailability,
When is bioavailability usually 100,
Why is bioavailability usually le...
160  cards
Toxicities and Side Effects
What is treatment for acetaminophen,
What is treatment for ache inhibi...,
What is treatment for amphetamine...
78  cards
Drug Name Endings
Azoledrug category mechanism example,
Bendazoledrug category mechanism ...,
Cillindrug category mechanism exa...
36  cards
General mechanism of immunosuppre...,
How would you reduce acute transp...,
Why would you combine immunosuppr...
72  cards
Penicillin g v form and type of a...,
Penicillin g v mechanism,
Penicillin g v use
131  cards
Anti-Microbials Part 2
What is the prophylaxis if patien...,
What is the prophylaxis for expos...,
What is the prophylaxis for histo...
141  cards
Cytokines of Innate Immunity
Tumor necrosis factor tnf princip...,
Tumor necrosis factor tnf princip...,
Il 1 principal cell source s
50  cards

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