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Agile Analysis and Design
Product roadmap,
User stories backlog,
Story maps
15  cards
Agile Estimation
T shirt sizing,
Wide band delphi,
Planning poker
14  cards
Information radiator,
Team space agile tooling,
Osmotic communications for co loc...
24  cards
Interpersonal Skills
Benefits of emotional intelligence,
Components of emotional intelligence,
Adaptive leadership
16  cards
Overview of velocity,
25  cards
Planning,Monitoring and Adapting
Kanban board as information radiator,
47  cards
Process Improvement
The five whys,
Retrospectives intraspectives
15  cards
Product Quality
Agile verification,
Done thinking grid column 1,
Continuous integration
11  cards
Risk Management
Risk adjusted backlog,
Risk burn down graphs,
Risk based spike
6  cards
Value Based prioritization
Roi npv irr,
Five major focus of agile compliance,
Customer valued prioritization
10  cards
Knowledge and Skill
Agile values,
Agile frameworks and terminology,
Agile methods and approaches
35  cards
Agile team building concepts
Five concepts,
Self organization team,
Self organization team characteri...
18  cards
Domain I Principles and Mindset
Task 1,
Task 2,
Task 3
9  cards
Domain II Value driven delivery
Task 1,
Task 2,
Task 3
14  cards
Domain III Stakeholder engagement
Task 1,
Task 2,
Task 3
9  cards
Domain IV Team performance
Task 1,
Task 2,
Task 3
9  cards
Domain V Adaptive planning
Task 1,
Task 2,
Task 3
10  cards
Domain VI Problem detection and resolution
Task 1,
Task 2,
Task 3
5  cards
Continuous Process improvement
Task 1,
Task 2,
Task 3
6  cards
DSDM Atern
The structure of atern,
Atern approach,
Dsdm atern delivers because
37  cards
Lean development
7 key principles of lean software...,
Lean over other,
22 lean tools
35  cards
Crystal Methods
Crystal objectives,
Crystal attributes,
Crystal family characterisation
23  cards
Kanban overview,
Kanban visualization,
Limit wip
16  cards
Rad overview,
Four phases of rad,
Adaptive life cycle
16  cards
Xp overview,
Xp structure,
Practices group
18  cards
Feature driven development
Main purpose,
Fdd attributes,
Fdd reporting milestones
12  cards
Scrum overview,
Scrum vs waterfall,
Scrum 3 pillars
32  cards
Portfolio management
3 fallacies,
Big challenge in portfolio manage...,
Modular design
16  cards

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