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Chapter 1: Project Management Fundamental Terms
The pmi publication that defines ...,
The areas of expertise industry o...,
A quantifiable return on investme...
28  cards
Chapter 2: Project Management Environments
An organization where organizatio...,
It describes the culture and the ...,
Conditions that affect how the pr...
16  cards
Chapter 3: Project Manager Role
The message receiver restates wha...,
__________ begins with problem de...,
The project manager refuses to ac...
30  cards
Chapter 4: Project Integration Management Terms
An assumption is something that i...,
This is an example of a benefits ...,
A committee that evaluates the wo...
42  cards
Chapter 5: Project Scope Management Terms
A planning heuristic for creating...,
The observer interacts with the w...,
When stakeholders create a large ...
48  cards
Chapter 6: Project Schedule Management Terms
The primary output of breaking do...,
The identification of more than o...,
A somewhat unreliable estimating ...
47  cards
Chapter 7: Project Cost Management Terms
The actual amount of monies the p...,
An approach that relies on histor...,
An estimating approach that start...
43  cards
Chapter 8: Project Quality Management Terms
These diagrams such as the projec...,
This diagram breaks down ideas so...,
Comparing any two similar entitie...
31  cards
Chapter 9: Project Resources Management Terms
Once the project is done either t...,
Project management team members m...,
The project manager has the autho...
36  cards
Chapter 10: Project Communications Management Terms
The receiver signals that the mes...,
The receiver confirms that the me...,
The best modality to use when com...
33  cards
Chapter 11: Project Risk Management Terms
A risk response appropriate for b...,
Risks that have an uncertain uncl...,
A risk response to avoid the risk
50  cards
Chapter 12: Project Procurement Management Terms
When there is an issue or claim t...,
From seller to buyer price is the...,
A meeting of all the project s po...
36  cards
Chapter 13: Project Stakeholders Management Terms
This type of communication means ...,
A data gathering technique that s...,
Stakeholders such as management t...
24  cards
Chapter 14: PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility Terms
Treating others with conduct that...,
A situation where a project manag...,
A project manager s responsibilit...
5  cards
Initiating 41 develop project cha...,
Planning42 develop project manage...,
Executing43 direct and manage pro...
47  cards
CAPM Pocket Prep Concepts
______ is interpreted as the curr...,
______ is interpreted as the curr...,
______ is interpreted as the curr...
22  cards
ITTO Detailed
Develop project charter inputs,
Develop project charter tools tec...,
Develop project charter outputs
147  cards

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