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Solids, Solutions & Size
3 types of crystalline,
What is the term for solid turnin...,
A name which is used when substan...
21  cards
Dosage forms
Name as many delivery routes as y...,
What are the 3 oral dosage forms,
Rectal and vaginal dosage forms
23  cards
18  cards
Acid-base and pH I
Why acids and bases are important,
3 main definitions of acid base,
37  cards
Dissolution of solids
Dissolution meaning,
The steps of dissolution mechanisms,
Saturation dissolution mechanisms
22  cards
What is the most important part i...,
Responding to patients,
W 1
22  cards
Dosage forms 2
Disperse system,
Disperse systems
42  cards
Surfactants and Suspending Agents
Why can insects walk on water,
How is surface tension created,
Surface tension problematic in ph...
44  cards
Solubility of weak acids and bases
What affects on solubility recap,
What affects on solubility recap,
H h equation
28  cards
1. Stability
Disperse system,
If particles are less than 1 um,
Continuous phase
62  cards
Acid-Base and pH II
What does pka show,
[ ]
62  cards
Acid-base pH III
Polyfunctional acids bases,
Strong acid,
Dicarboxlic acids
53  cards
2. Stability - nano
Stability micro nano,
Emulsion stability,
Emulsion instability can occur du...
53  cards
3. Stability of Medicines
Define stability,
Chemical degradation,
Physical degradation
66  cards
Oral solution Dosage form I (Ingredients)
Monophasic dosage form oral,
Everyday solutions,
Pharmaceutical solutions
60  cards
Oral Solution Dosage Forms II (Methods)
The perquisite for pharmaceutical...,
Which components of formulation t...,
Typical excipients in oral solution
48  cards
Concepts of Thermodynamics I
Forms of energy,
What is a system,
Types of systems
39  cards
Thermodynamics II
Gibbs free energy,
What does each letter mean,
Gibbs free energy can inform us i...
20  cards
Emulsion Dosage Forms
Everyday emulsions,
Pharmaceutical emulsions applicat...,
Emulsions what is it
54  cards
Equilibrium Law and Chemical Equilibrium
Gibbs free energy and equilibrium...,
G equation,
For the reaction to happen
40  cards
Acid-Base and pH III
Polyfunctional acids and bases,
Dibasic acid,
H2so4 strongest acid
52  cards
Physical properties, analytical chemistry, purity determination and compounds separation
Physical property,
Examples of physical properties,
Intensive properties
102  cards
Chemical Kinetics I
Reaction kinetics is,
Explain reaction kinetics,
Kinetic profile
24  cards
Chemical Kinetics II
Complex reactions are,
Overall rate equation,
Does the concentration of reactan...
30  cards
Enzyme Kinetics
At a given temperature the rate c...
40  cards
Drug Metabolism and Kinetics (PK)
What are the three phases of drug...,
What makes a good drug pharmockin...,
What makes a good drug pharmockin...
52  cards
The Language of Chemistry
What are the 4 main groups of org...,
Carbonyl group carboxylic acid,
Ester and ether
9  cards
Isomerism and Stereochemistry
Stereochemistry chemistry of mole...,
Structural isomers,
35  cards
Alkanes, Cycloalkanes and Alkyl Halides
Only hydrogens and sp3 hybridised...,
N alkanes normal alkanes,
Branched alkanes
45  cards
Nucleophilic substituions = SN1 and SN2
Nucleophile always attacks the __...,
Explain what the transition state is,
How many steps in the sn2 reaction
45  cards
Alkenes and Alkynes(E1 and E2 reactions)
Alkenes unsaturated are capable o...,
Elements of unsaturation _______ ...
51  cards
Alcohols, Ethers, and Epoxides
Oh groups are polar or nonpolar,
Primary carboniol,
54  cards
Aromatic compounds
Benzene formula,
C c bonds in benzene are all equal,
Resonance hybrid of the two kekul...
44  cards
Ketones and Aldehydes
3 different type of reactions for...,
26  cards
Carboxylic acids and derivatives
Carboxyl group,
Aliphatic acid,
Aromatic acid
64  cards
Nitrogen and Sulfur Organic Compounds
What kind of molecules are amines,
How many lone pairs hybridization,
Amines lewis base
24  cards
Infrared Spectroscopy
Infrared spectroscopy ir,
Ultraviolet spectroscopy uv,
Mass spectrometry ms
33  cards
UV-Vis and Mass Spectrometry
Uv vis spectrophotometry,
Liquid sample dispensed into a cu...,
Molecular orbitals mo
40  cards
NMR - Spectropy I
No magnetic field,
Nuclei with magnetic field
31  cards
NMR - Spectropy II
Infrared spectroscopy ir,
Ultraviolet spectroscopy uv,
Mass spectrometry ms
24  cards
Pharmacokinetics 1
In adme what is metabolism and ex...,
Eg iv injection adme,
When taking tablet orally what is...
12  cards
Biological molecules II
Amino group is bonded to the ____...,
R group is the side chain
54  cards
Biological molecules I
Supramolecular complexes,
Cells and organelles
40  cards
Partitioning (pharmacokinetics)
Partitioning definition,
Partitioning practical elements,
In an ideal solution a partition ...
21  cards
pH-partition theory (pharmacokinetics)
Ph partition theory states,
Ph partition theory states that t...,
What are the limitations of the p...
13  cards
Bioavailibility (Pharmacokinetics)
What is bioavailability,
First pass presystematic metabolism
14  cards
Chose a target and find hit/ lead compounds I
1 choose a disease,
2 choose a drug target,
Advantages of choosing a disease ...
75  cards
Enzymes as drug targets
How does enzyme work as catalyst,
Steps in enzyme kinetics
42  cards
Receptors as drug targets
Receptors and chemical messengers,
Where are most receptors embedded,
Receptor as natural messenger is ...
32  cards

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