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CVS - Lipid homeostatis
What is hyperlipidaemia,
30  cards
Patient safety
What is patient safety,
3 points of patient safety,
Never events
12  cards
CVS - Pharmacokinetics & drug interactions of antihypertensives
What is pahrmacokinetics,
What do ace inhibitor do,
Acei what does it cause
12  cards
CVS - clinical management of AF
What is arrhythmia,
What range is heart rate is arrhy...,
What are the common arrhythimas
31  cards
CVS - cardiac rhythms
Each side of the transport system,
What factors affect cardiac output,
What is responsible fort the bloo...
30  cards
CVS - cardiac arrythmias
What is arrhythmia,
What are the ranges of bpm normal...,
List the mechanism of arrhythmia
16  cards
CVS - Antiarrhythmic drugs
What do anti arrhythmic drugs act on,
Non pacemaker cells cardiomyoctes,
What are class 1 antiarrhythmic d...
15  cards
CVS - CHD and Thromoembolic CV Pathologies
Coronary system
34  cards
PAPE - Drug History taking
Competency 1,
How many sources should be used t...,
When documenting an allergy what ...
6  cards
Pharmaceutical Powders
Type of pharmaceutical powders,
45  cards
Granules and Granulation
Small granules size
21  cards
Consultation Skills
What is step 2 of a consultation ...,
3 history of presenting complaint...
7  cards
Pulmonary Drug Delivery I
Why delivery drugs via the respir...,
Give an example of bronchodilator,
Funamentals of pulmonary drug del...
34  cards
Resp - Cystic fibrosis treatment
What is cf,
What are the signs of cf,
Aims of treatment
34  cards
Pulmonary Drug Delivery II
What addition to the inhaler is t...,
What is special about the valve i...,
Pmdis and special patient groups
38  cards
Pulmonary Drug Delivery III
Non pressurised mdi,
Non pressurised mdi,
How does the non pressuried mdi work
15  cards
Resp Pharmacology 3 - cough and pathophysiology
Explain reflex actions cough,
Cough has two roles,
Causes of cough
16  cards
1- Getting the right medicine to the right person
Dispensing doctors exception,
Switzerland eea,
What are private prescriptions
19  cards
2- Getting the right medicine to the right person
Wholesaler licence requirements,
Pharmacies supplying stock to ano...
14  cards
Epidemiology of the infectious disease
What is the definition of epidemi...,
Robust pathogen,
Example of a robust pathogen
21  cards
Antibiotics - drug classes and mechanisms
Prokaryotic cells,
Eukaryotic cells,
45  cards
Infections - clinical management of sepsis
What is sepsis,
What is the difference between se...,
How many people is affected by se...
43  cards
Infections - Clinical management of meningitis
Bacterial meningitis,
Most common infecting bacteria,
Who can meningitis effect a lot
17  cards
Molecular Diagnostics in Microbiology
Diagnosis of infection,
Microbial identification,
Specimen collection
41  cards
Overview of Infections and Antibiotics
What chapter of bnf does it cover,
Pathogenic bacteria
44  cards
GI: GI, Dental, Eye
Diverticulitis diverticular disease,
What are the causing symptoms of ...,
What does treatment of diverticul...
23  cards
GI: Malaria
What type of infection is malaria,
How is it transmitted,
32  cards
Organisations and healthcare systems
Responsibilities of the devolved ...,
England wales which act
14  cards
Management of fungal infections
Fungal infections come from,
Antifungal agents,
Azole antifungals
40  cards
Infections - STIs
How can stis occur,
Epidemiology chlamydia,
Epidemiology syphilis herpes simplex
39  cards
GF - Nutrients & Drug absorption
What breaks down glucose polymers...,
What breaks down disaccharides to...
30  cards
Poisons, spirits and chemicals
Which act for poisons,
Regulated substances,
Reportable substances
29  cards
GORD, Peptic Ulcers & H. pylori infection
What is gord caused by,
Symptoms of gord acid from stomac...
47  cards
201 exam
Cell wall inhibitor,
Is not a cell wall inhibitor,
What is the chekc for curb 65 cri...
87  cards

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