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Who is afternoons written by,
What type of poet was philip larkin,
What were poets like that were pa...
23  cards
hawk roosting
What can the title symbolise animal,
What can the title symbolise human,
What is the significance of using...
30  cards
to autumn
Who is to autumn written by,
What movement was keats part of,
What did keats relish
34  cards
death of a naturalist
Who is this poem written by,
Where is seamus heaney from,
What upbringing does he have
32  cards
as imperceptibly as grief
Who wrote this poem,
What type of poetry did dickinson...,
What type of life did dickinson live
19  cards
Who wrote london,
What movement was blake part of,
What were blake s political views...
6  cards
sonnet 43
Who wrote sonnet 43,
Who did browning write the poem for,
What is the significance of their...
32  cards
What is the content of the poem,
What is the form of the poem,
What rhyme scheme does it have
45  cards
Who is this poem written by,
Why did duffy write this poem,
What person is the poem written in
62  cards
living space
Who is this poem written by,
What location is this poem based on,
What are the main themes of dhark...
42  cards
dulce et decorum est
Who wrote this poem,
Did owen ever serve in the war,
Was owen injured
45  cards
a wife in london
Who wrote the poem,
When was the poem composed,
What type of person was hardy
48  cards
the manhunt
What is the connotations of the poem,
What are the child like connotati...,
What was the poem originally goin...
48  cards
she walks in beauty
Who wrote this poem,
What was byron most famously desc...,
Why was he exiled from england
32  cards
the prelude
Who wrote this poem,
What imagery is used,
What feel is used
30  cards
cozy apologia
Who wrote the poem,
Who is rita dove married to,
What is cozy apologia to her husband
20  cards

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