police knowledge check

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Power of entry
What code is used for power of entry,
When does s32 occur and in what c...,
What are the grounds for entry un...
13  cards
Powers of Arrest
What code of pace is poa,
What does idcopplan stand for,
What is the now caution
12  cards
S1 theft act 1968,
What offence type is theft,
What is robbery and what type of ...
10  cards
Public order and stop and search
What is section 1 of the public o...,
What is section 2 of the public o...,
What is section 3 of the public o...
11  cards
Assault definition,
Battery definition,
S39 criminal justice act 1988
12  cards
Weapons, Firearms, Drugs, Alcohol and ASB
Definition of firearm and accordi...,
Having an offensive weapon in public,
Having a bladed pointed article i...
16  cards
Statements, PNB, PACE CODES
10 point description
13  cards
Race/religious aggravated offence, hate crime, adults at risk, child abuse
S28 crime and disorder act 1998,
Victims of hate crime,
Protected characteristics
15  cards
Criminal damage, breach of the peace, Civil disputes, Civil trespass and custody
Custody procedure,
Breach of the peace,
How best to deal with a civil dis...
9  cards
Criminal attempts, Stalking and harassment, Sexual offences
Criminal attempts act 1981,
Offences that can be attempted,
Protection from harassment act 19...
14  cards
Road traffic
What year is the road traffic act,
S4 rta 1988,
S 5 rta 1988
22  cards
Critical incident, Fraud, Perjury, Crime scene preservation, property, sudden death
At a critical incident you must e...,
What is a critical incident,
What are the first things to do a...
16  cards
NDM, our duty, code of ethics, structure
National decision making model,
Standards of professional behavior,
Policing principles
5  cards
What is the appropriate initial c...,
What is the term if back up is ne...,
How do you answer a call from con...
21  cards

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police knowledge check

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