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Initial Action
Importance of initial action,
Actions taken en route to a scene,
Actions taken on arrival at a scene
6  cards
Dealing with Victims
Purpose of the victims rights act...,
Definition of victim,
Section 7 victims rights act 2002
15  cards
Rules of Evidence
Hearsay evidence,
General admissibility of hearsay ...,
Reliability of hearsay statement
8  cards
Pol 261,
Pol 263,
Pol 268
4  cards
Procedures on finding an exhibit,
The chain of evidence
3  cards
Use of Force
Section 39 crimes act 1961,
Section 40 crimes act 1961,
Section 41 crimes act 1961
6  cards
Fighting in a Public Place
Fight vs assault
2  cards
Search and Surveillance Act 2012
Section 7,
Section 8,
Section 14
24  cards
NZ Bill of Rights Act 1990
Section 21 nz bill of rights act ...,
Section 22 nz bill of rights act ...,
Section 23 nz bill of rights act ...
8  cards
Practice Note On Police Questioning
Practice note 1,
Practice note 2,
Practice note 3
6  cards
The Power of Arrest
Section 316 crimes act 1961,
Section 315 2 a crimes act 1961,
Section 315 2 b crimes act 1961
6  cards
Missing Persons
A missing person is,
Fears for safety,
Categories of missing persons
4  cards
Coroners Act 2006
What is the coroner,
Deaths that must be reported to t...,
Section 33 coroners act 2006
6  cards
Sudden Death
Police report form pol 258,
Property record sheet pol 268,
Initial report for coroner pol 47...
5  cards
Identifying the Suspect/Offender
There are 7 requirements for cond...,
The six good reasons for not foll...,
There are four methods of identif...
3  cards
Lawful occupier,
Legal defences to section 3,
A trespass notice can be given to...
5  cards
Police and Court Bail
Before bailing a prisoner you must,
The duties of the watch house kee...,
Police bail without conditions
4  cards
Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992
What is the definition of mental ...,
What are restricted patients,
What are special patients
14  cards
Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012
What is a special license,
Where must a license be displayed,
What is the rule around displayin...
22  cards
Family Violence
In terms of the domestic violence...,
In terms of the domestic violence...,
Under section 3 of the domestic v...
54  cards
What is a police safety order,
Who can issue a pso,
Who is the bound person
22  cards

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