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Prep A - Basic Investigation
The sources of information available to a Police Officer are identified.
10  cards
Search & Surveillance 2012
Learn the examinable Search and Surveillance 2012 powers of the New Zealand Police.
33  cards
Prep A - Systematic Approach to Investigation
The eight steps of the Systematic Approach are outlined and applied to practical scenarios.
7  cards
Prep A - Radio Communications Procedures
Appropriate call signs are identified and used, Appropriate urgent call signs are identified and used, The appropriate police "K" and 10 codes are identified and used, The international phonetic alphabet is used when communicating.
7  cards
Prep A - Court Function, Procedure and Layout
The roles of court participants are accurately identified, and the order of District Court trials and hearing procedures are understood.
20  cards
Prep A - Statutes
The elements of mens rea and actus reus are identified from any given scenario, and the criminal analysis method is applied to any given scenario to determine whether a charge can be proved.
3  cards
Prep A - The Legal and Judicial System
The divisions within New Zealand law are listed and explained, the meaning of the term "Sanction of the Law" is explained, the difference between a 'crime' and a 'tort' is explained, the hierarchy of the courts in New Zealand judicial system is outlined, the 'Appeal' system available to parties involved in court proceedings is explained, the four categories of offences are identified.
10  cards
Prep A - Language Offences
Language offences are identified from a given situation, and appropriate decisions are made when dealing with an offender.
10  cards
Learn Criminal Liabilities and their definitions.
97  cards
Offences One
What are the ingredients of inten...,
What are the practical action pro...,
What is meant by graffiti vandali...
66  cards
Information Gathering and Documentation SUM1
What are the six main duties of a...,
What are the freeze control prese...,
What are the procedures to follow...
61  cards
Offenders, Evidence and Children, Young Persons and Their Families Act
What does section 21 of the bill ...,
What constitutes a breach of sect...,
How would you ensure that you com...
75  cards
Offences Two
What are the ingredients of fight...,
What is the definition of fighting,
What is the definition of a publi...
22  cards
Sudden Death and Missing Persons
A person who is reported missing ...,
What acronym is used to decide wh...,
What acronym is used to decide wh...
17  cards
VICTIMS - Information Gathering and Documentation SUM2
What are the four definitions of ...,
What does section 7 of the victim...,
What does section 8 of the victim...
11  cards
Road Policing
What does section 114 of the land...,
What is the acronym stating what ...,
What does section 113 of the land...
34  cards
What are the quantities for posse...,
What do you need to prove for a p...,
Name 3 class c drugs
11  cards
Family Violence
In terms of the domestic violence...,
In terms of the domestic violence...,
Under section 3 of the domestic v...
29  cards
Family Violence
What is family violence,
What is the definition of a domes...,
What is not included in a domesti...
27  cards
Who can issue a pso,
What is a police safety order,
Who is the bound person
22  cards
Custody and Bail Proceedings
When is a person bailable as of r...,
When do the police have authority...,
When do police not have the autho...
20  cards
Sale of Liquor
What are licensed premises,
What is a bar,
What is a club
29  cards
CYP Care & Protection / Youth Justice
Who can not be a nominated person,
Section 14,
When can you arrest under s 214
10  cards
What is a firearm,
What is an airgun,
What is an imitation firearm
19  cards
Mental Health
What is a restricted patient,
What is a mental disorder,
What is a special patient
12  cards
Sexual Offences
What are the four indecency offences,
What does indecent exposure consi...,
What is an example of indecent ex...
21  cards
Admissibility of Evidence
What are the four different divis...,
What is direct evidence,
What is documentary evidence
12  cards

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