power engineering- 4th class

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Chapter 68- Heat Engines And Prime Movers
Which has greater thermal efficie...,
Define a heat engine,
Define working fluid
30  cards
Chapter 73- Types Of Pumps
Pumps handling cryogenic material...,
A pump capable of producing water...,
A pump which supplies oil to the ...
43  cards
Chapter 69- Steam Turbines
A steam turbine is considered,
Where does a steam turbine derive...,
Define an impulse turbine
60  cards
Chapter 74- Pump Operation And Maintenance
Pump wear rings are installed on ...,
Wear rings are usually constructe...,
Wearing rings n1 are used on impe...
36  cards
Chapter 75- Air Compression
Compressed air tools,
In a centrifugal compressor the k...,
The compressor which would favour...
32  cards
Chapter 70- Cooling Towers
The average amount of water volum...,
The purpose of a cooling tower,
The four ways of heat transfer
67  cards
Chapter 71- Gas Turbines
The three things a gas tribune is...,
List two facts about early gas tu...,
____ of the power is used for the...
53  cards
Chapter 72- Internal Combustion Engines
In a compression engine the fuel ...,
Diesel engine governing is accomp...,
Internal combustion engines used ...
67  cards
Unit 16- Prime Movers And Engines Practise
When deciding on the energy desig...,
The cross head of a steam engine,
When checking bearings on running...
49  cards
Chapter 76- Lubrication Principles
The intermeshing of gear tether i...,
The lubricant performs a number o...,
Friction can be defined as
19  cards
Chapter 90- Cast Iron Sectional and Modular Boilers
Where are the cleanout plugs loca...,
A wet bottom type cast iron secti...,
Cast iron sectional boiler sectio...
43  cards
Chapter 115- Compression Refridgeration Systems
Refrigeration may be broadly defi...,
Closed cycle refrigeration system...,
Most modern refrigeration systems...
15  cards
Chapter 91- Oil Burners For Heating Boilers
Oil burners can be sub divided in...,
Air atomizing oil burner is compo...,
Air atomizing oil burner requires a
31  cards
Chapter 114- Refrigerants
Liquid refrigerants are defined as,
There are six groups of refrigerant,
The b group is characterized by its
26  cards
Chapter 92- Gas Burners For Heating Boilers
Gas is already in a vapour state ...,
There are two classifications of ...,
Define a premix burner
30  cards
Chapter 93- Basic Fittings For Low Pressure Steam Boilers
All fittings that are not clearly...,
All markings shall be legible and...,
Steam boiler fittings are defined as
30  cards
Chapter 94- Basic Fittings For Hot Water Boilers
The following fittings are requir...,
In order to indicate the working ...,
In what manner must a pressure or...
31  cards
Chpater 95- Hot Water& Steam Heating Boiler Operation
Before starting up a new boiler o...,
It is very important that boilers...,
During the warmup period of a hea...
20  cards
Chapter 84- Introduction To Instrumentation
Two types of instruments,
Two types of controls,
Open loop is also called
7  cards
Chapter 117- Heat Exchangers For Refridgeration Systems
Define medium,
Two types of heat exchangers,
Advantage of a dry evaporator ove...
33  cards
Chapter 118- Refrigeratin Control Cycles
The operation of a start stop com...,
How does a temperature actuated c...,
How does a pressure actuated cont...
8  cards
Chapter 96- Steam Heating Equipment
What is hydronic,
How does steam heating work,
Three types of radiators
13  cards
Chapter 100- Warm Air Heating System Equipment
List features about the lowboy fu...,
Three types of heating sources,
List features of the horizontal f...
26  cards
Chapter 101- Warm Air Furnace Components And Maintenance
Burners in warm air furnaces are,
The heat exchange section of oil ...,
Air filters can be divided into
4  cards
Chapter 110- Lighting Systems
Ambient lighting can be improved ...,
A luminaire is,
Advantage of low voltage switchin...
9  cards
Power House Mainteance 1
A ball peen hammer is sometimes r...,
A 300 mm tungsten hacksaw blade w...,
A collet is
7  cards
Chapter 111- Building Water Supply System
In a circulating hot water system...,
In a circulating hot water system...,
Temperature relief devices are ef...
15  cards

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