pre-registration pharmacy

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Prescriptions for which schedules...,
How long are prescriptions for cd...,
Is emergency supply of schedule 2...
33  cards
What is the incubation period for...,
What is the incubation period for...,
What is the incubation period for...
31  cards
First-line Antibiotics
What is the first line abx treatm...,
What is the first line abx treatm...,
What is the first line abx treatm...
39  cards
Cardiology - High
What are the most commonly prescr...,
What are the clinical indications...,
What are the important adverse ef...
265  cards
Nervous System - High
What is the drug of choice for pa...,
What are the first line options f...,
Which drug class does memantine b...
341  cards
Endocrine - High
Is thyroid stimulating hormone ts...,
What are some signs and symptoms ...,
What is meant by primary hypothyr...
453  cards
Infection - High
What is mepacrine hydrochloride i...,
What is the initial management fo...,
Why is lactate raised in infection
365  cards
Genito-Urinary Tract System - Medium
Which form of oestrogen is most c...,
A combined oral contraceptive con...,
A combined oral contraceptive wit...
31  cards
Gastro-Intestinal System -Medium
What are the 4 types of laxatives,
Name some osmoticlaxatives,
Name some faecal softening laxatives
30  cards
Respiratory System - Medium
Outline the treatment pathway for...,
Outline the treatment pathway for...,
Outline the treatment pathway for...
26  cards
Immune System and Malignant Disease -Medium
0  cards
Blood and Nutrition - Medium
What is the normal rage for na in...,
What is the normal range for k po...,
What is the normal range for ca c...
11  cards
Musculoskeletal System - Low
0  cards
Eyes - Low
0  cards
Ear, Nose, and Oropharynx - Low
0  cards
Skin - Low
0  cards
Vaccines - Low
0  cards
Anaesthesia - Low
0  cards
High Risk Drugs
What drug class is methotrexate,
What strength do methotrexate tab...,
What is the never event associate...
20  cards
Top 100 drugs
What are dipeptidylpeptidase 4 in...,
What is the mechanism of action f...,
Which are more likely to cause hy...
441  cards

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pre-registration pharmacy

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