professor m a+ 220-1101 course notes

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1.1 Laptop Hardware
Ssd come in what inch form factors,
Does m2 require sata data or powe...,
Are laptop batteries easily replaced
11  cards
1.2 Laptop Displays
What does lcd stand for,
What are 3 advantages of portable...,
What are 3 disadvantages of porta...
19  cards
1.3 Connecting Mobile Devices
What is usb used for 2,
What does a micro b usb plug look...,
Older devices may use micro or mi...
23  cards
1.3 Mobile Device Accessories
What are touch pens,
What are touch pens used for,
What is an active stylus
15  cards
1.4 Cellular Standards
What were the 2 standards for 2g ...,
What was the mobile networking st...,
For 2g networks
23  cards
1.4 Mobile Device Connectivity
When connecting with bluetooth wh...,
Do you have to keep pairing bluet...,
In order to pair bluetooth device...
16  cards
1.4 Mobile Device Configurations
What is microsoft 365 exchange,
Is data in microsoft 365 synchron...,
How do people authenticate to mic...
6  cards
2.1 Introduction to IP
In terms of the internet what rep...,
What represents what s inside the...,
What else is inside the boxes hol...
30  cards
2.1 Common Network Ports
For well known port numbers what ...,
What are the port numbers for ftp,
What does ftp do
51  cards
2.2 Network Devices
Some network devices are combined...,
What is the purpose of routers,
What are routers inside of switch...
72  cards
2.2 Software Defined Networking
What are the 3 different function...,
Why is sdn perfectly built for th...,
What does the infrastructure laye...
5  cards
2.3 Wireless Network Standards
What is the wireless networking s...,
What is the wireless networking s...,
Who handles interoperability test...
54  cards
2.3 Wireless Network Technologies
What are channels,
Who numbers the channels,
Which type of channels are ideal
13  cards
2.4 Network Services
What does dns stand for,
Dns servers are usually managed by,
Dns relies on one server t or f
39  cards
2.5 IPv4 and IPv6
___ is now part of all major oper...,
What does ipv4 stand for,
What osi layer is ipv4
13  cards
2.5 Assigning IP Addresses
Ipv4 address configuration used t...,
The bootstrap protocol was introd...,
What was bootp
17  cards
2.6 DNS Configuration
What are top level domains,
What are country code top level d...,
How many dns root server
20  cards
2.6 DHCP Configuration
What are 6 scope property options...,
What are dhcp pools,
What is a scope
15  cards
2.6 VLANS and VPNs
What is a lan,
What are virtual lans,
What are vpns
6  cards
2.7 Internet Connection Types
What type of communication is sat...,
What are 3 downsides to satellite...,
What speeds are common for satell...
28  cards
2.7 Network Types
A lan can be a building or a grou...,
What deployment strategies are th...,
What is a wan
16  cards

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