project management - capm

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Decks in this class (19)

1 - Project Management Fundamental Terms
A guide to the project management...,
Application areas,
Business value
31  cards
2 - Project Management Environments
Balanced matrix structure,
Cultural norms,
Enterprise environmental factors
19  cards
3 - Project Manager Role
Active listening,
Active problem solving,
Avoiding power
30  cards
4 - Project Integration Management
Assumption log,
Benefit cost ratio bcr models,
Change control board ccb
42  cards
5 - Project Scope Management Terms
8 80 rule,
Active observation,
Affinity diagrams
48  cards
6 - Project Schedule Management Terms
Activity list,
Alternative analysis,
Analogous estimating
47  cards
7 - Project Cost Management Terms
Actual cost ac,
Analogous estimating,
Bottom up estimating
42  cards
8 - Project Quality Terms
Activity network diagram,
Affinity diagram,
31  cards
9 - Project Resources Management Terms
Authority power,
Coercive power
36  cards
10 - Project Communications Management Terms
Active listening,
Choice of media
33  cards
11 - Project Risk Management Terms
Ambiguity risks,
51  cards
12 - Project Procurement Management Terms
Alternative dispute resolution,
Bidder conference
36  cards
13 - Project Stakeholder Management Terms
Interactive communications,
Brain writing,
Key stakeholder
24  cards
14 - PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility Terms
Abusive manner,
Conflict of interest,
Duty of loyalty
5  cards
Memory Sheet
70  cards
Planned value,
Earned value,
Cost variance
14  cards
Develop project charter,
Develop project management plan,
Direct and manage project work
49  cards
Udemy Notes
Business value,
Progressive elaboration,
Project management life cycle
27  cards
Tools techniques list the common ...,
Outputs list the common ones
15  cards

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project management - capm

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