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FA - Classic Presentations
Achilles tendon xanthoma,
Adrenal hemorrhage hypotension dic,
Anterior drawer sign
113  cards
FA - Classic Labs/Findings
Antidesmoglein epitheliall antibo...,
Anti glomerular bm antibodies,
Antihistone antibodies
105  cards
FA - Classic/Relevant Treatments
Acute gout attack,
Acute promyelocytic leukemia m3,
91  cards
FA - Key Associations
Acute gastric ulcer associated wi...,
Acute gastric ulcer associated wi...,
Alternating areas of transmural i...
136  cards
Step Up - Diseases Of The Cardiovascular System
In a patient with cad goal of ldl is,
Ischemic pain what should be note...,
Two conditions termed syndrome x
122  cards
Step Up - Diseases Of The GIT
Virtually all colorectal tumors a...,
Bleeding and colorectal cancer wh...,
Screening for colorectal cancer fobt
309  cards
Step Up - Connective Tissue and Joint Diseases
Sle types,
Ana lupus associated findings,
Neonatal lupus clinical findings
268  cards
Step Up - Diseases of the Renal and Genitourinary System
Aki is also called,
Types of aki,
Aki is oliguric anuric or nonolig...
281  cards
Step Up - Hematologic Diseases and Neoplasms
Anemia definition,
When red cell mass decreases seve...,
As a general rule blood transfusi...
280  cards
Step Up - Infectious Diseases
Nosocomial pneumonia definition,
Classic cap presents with,
Atypical pneumonia presents with
404  cards
Step Up - Diseases Of The Pulmonary System
Emphysema definition,
4th leading cause of death in the us,
Role of tobacco in asthma
344  cards
Step Up - Ambulatory Medicine
Pathophysiology of the effects of...,
Htn target organ damage,
Most deaths due to htn are ultima...
63  cards
Symptom to Diagnosis - Acid-Base Abnormalities
Step 2 in evaluation of acid base...,
Step 3 in evaluation of acid base...,
Step 4 in evaluation of acid base...
147  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Anemia
First step in determining the cau...,
After determining the general mec...,
The framework of underproduction ...
186  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - AIDS
Hiv common modes of transmission,
Current risk associated with bloo...,
The highest risk of sexual transm...
66  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Low Back Pain
Back pain due to disorders of the...,
Examples of non specific musculos...,
Specific musculoskeletal back pain
168  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Chest Pain
Anatomically organized ddx for ch...,
Chest pain skin pathology,
Chest pain breast
122  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Cough/Congestion
Although there are a myriad of vi...,
Ddx of acute cough and congestion,
Influenza occurs when
110  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Jaundice
Is conjugated bilirubin reabsorbe...,
Fate of conjugated bilirubin in t...,
Fate of urobilinogen that is prod...
95  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Acute Diarrhea
The ddx of acute diarrhea uses th...,
Non infectious diarrhea,
Infectious diarrhea gastroenteritis
76  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Joint Pain
Monoarticular arthritis main cate...,
Polyarticular arthritis categories,
Monoarticular arthritis inflammat...
4  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Hypertension
5 endocrine causes of htn,
2 renal causes of htn,
2 vascular causes of htn
71  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Hypercalcemia
Most cases of hypercalcemia are d...,
Etiology of hypercalcemia pth rel...,
Hypercalcemia of malignancy
28  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Hyponatremia/Hypernatremia
Hyponatremia is defined as serum ...,
1st step in evaluating the hypona...,
Diagnostic fingerprints for hypon...
92  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Dyspnea
Mccs of dyspnea,
3 tests that are mandatory in the...,
Diagnostic approach of dyspnea ca...
78  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Rash
12 morphologies of rash,
151  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Dizziness
Vertigo chief complaint,
Near syncope chief complaint,
Dysequilibrium chief complaint
154  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Headache
Headaches are classified into,
Primary headaches,
Secondary headaches
232  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Acute Renal Failure
Time frame of arf,
Is there a standard definition of...,
Prerenal causes of arf 3 general ...
82  cards
Symptom To Diagnosis - Syncope
Consciousness requires the following,
The evaluation of all syncopal pa...,
Neurocardiogenic vasovagal syncop...
119  cards
Symptom to Diagnosis - Abdominal Pain
What is the 1st pivotal step in d...,
What can cause pain in the ruq,
What can cause pain in the epigas...
64  cards
Symptom to Diagnosis - GI Bleeding
How can we clinically assess the ...,
How do we calculate necessary rep...,
What do we do to be ready for fur...
58  cards
Symptom to Diagnosis - Edema
What are the features of generali...,
What are the general causes of ge...,
What are the specific cardiovascu...
88  cards
What are two types of dysfunction...,
What is underlying systolic dysfu...,
What are some causes of systolic ...
246  cards
What are the complications of div...,
What causes angiodysplasia of the...,
What are clinical features of ang...
276  cards
What immunizations should be give...,
When is theophylline used and wha...,
What are three complications of copd
113  cards
In adpckd what causes progressive...,
What of patients with adpckd deve...,
What five things does adpckd pres...
56  cards
Fluids, Electrolytes, and Acid-Base Disorders
What of body weight is water in m...,
How much of total body water is i...,
How much of bodys weight is water...
58  cards
What is the moa for heparin,
What lab values should be followe...,
What is the half life of standard...
31  cards
Uworld Cardiology
What artery supplies in the sa no...,
What are the signs and symptoms o...,
What medication is typically used...
42  cards
Internal Medicine: UWorld
A patient presents with the sympt...,
What is the drug of choice in pat...,
Electrical alterans the swinging ...
486  cards
Internal Medicine: Case Files
For individuals from areas of low...,
What is the most common cause of ...,
What is the treatment for an acut...
130  cards
Internal Medicine: Miscellaneous
What is the management approach t...,
What is the management approach t...,
What is the management approach t...
9  cards
Family Medicine: Case Files
Generally when should colon cance...,
When does the uspstf recommend sc...,
When is screening for abdominal a...
52  cards
Family Medicine: AAFP
Are associated with fluid retenti...,
Which dietary recommendation for ...,
What is the guideline recommendat...
21  cards
Psychiatry: UWorld
Classification of psychiatric ill...,
For an individual who has a monoz...,
This disorder is characterized by...
151  cards
Psychiatry: Pharm
Sx of nms,
Se of mirtazapine
98  cards
OB/GYN: Case Files
What factors increase the risk of...,
What is the treatment for superfi...,
What is the best treatment of cra...
238  cards
Surgery: UWorld
What is the most common bone in t...,
Dyspnea hemoptysis subcutaneous e...,
What is a good modality for evalu...
250  cards
Neurology: UWorld
The following findings are consis...,
A persons ability to comprehend e...,
What is the management for both c...
234  cards
OB/Gyn: UWorld
What disorder is characterized by...,
What is the first line medication...,
Large genital warts lesions can b...
181  cards
Internal Medicine: UWorld Surg Shelf
Metabolic alkalosis is characteri...,
What are some causes of chloride ...,
What are some causes of chloride ...
55  cards
Trousseau sign,
Brudzinski sign,
Kernig sign
10  cards
Pediatrics: Case Files
The following findings are consis...,
Which heart condition is characte...,
What vitamin nutrient deficiency ...
223  cards
Pediatrics: UWorld
What is the most common cause of ...,
What is the most common cause of ...,
What should be suspected when a w...
344  cards
Emergency Medicine: Pretest
What is the best method of diagno...,
Any patient presenting to the eme...,
What is the best method of diagno...
188  cards
Mixed Step 2 Review
What are some key differences bet...,
What are the three best initial s...,
What is the likely cause of verti...
335  cards
Infectious Disease
Intravenous treatment for mssa bo...,
Oral treatment for mssa bone hear...,
Treatment for minor mrsa infectio...
324  cards
!!!! CCS !!!!
Ulcerative colitis
53  cards
Infectious Disease Treaments
Otitis externa,
Malignant otitis externa,
Otitis media
102  cards
Cardiology COPY
Mechanism of syncope,
Exertional sob immigrant pregnant,
Treatment for pericarditis if pai...
297  cards
First step in evaluating renal fa...,
Clues renal failure is acute,
Clues renal failure is chronic
241  cards
Breast cancer screening with mamm...,
Breast cancer screening with mamm...,
If a mammogram shows an abnormali...
48  cards
Preventive Medicine
Breast cancer screening test that...,
Breast self examination or by phy...,
Breast cancer screeningmammogram
60  cards
Diagnosis for diabetes made by on...,
Strongest indication for screenin...,
Mechanism for type 2 diabetes
145  cards
Sob expiratory wheezing,
Hyperventilation increased rr dec...,
If asthma diagnosis is unclear
391  cards
Women greater than 50 yoa joint p...,
How is rheumatoid arthritis ra de...,
Cardiac findings in ra
187  cards
All forms of anemia lead to,
Pt with severe anemia will have,
Diseases with similar presentatio...
275  cards
Esophageal disorders leading to n...,
Name the causes of dysphagia 7,
Young nonsmoker dysphagia to soli...
290  cards
Sudden onset weakness on one side...,
Stroke spares what part of face,
80 of strokes are
218  cards
30 40 yoa ai disease of unclear e...,
Most accurate test for pemphigus ...,
Treatment for pemphigus vulgaris
134  cards
Blue gray macules on presacral ba...,
Firm yellow white papules pustule...,
Permanent unilateral vascular mal...
61  cards
Diagnosing pregnancy,
First trimester routine tests,
Third trimester routine tests
19  cards
Fibroadenoma fibrocystic disease ...,
Ductal carcinoma in situ dcis lob...,
Causes of enlarged uterus
25  cards
Delusions mostly bizarre disorgan...,
Flattened affect social withdrawa...,
58  cards
zEmergency Medicine/Toxicology
Antidote for acetaminophen,
Antidote for aspirin,
Antidote for benzodiazepines
23  cards
Enzyme kinetics 1michaelis menten...,
Pharmacokinetics 1bioavailability...,
Volume of distribution vd distrib...
47  cards
Intrinsic pathway,
Extrinsic pathway
37  cards
Lymph node,
77  cards
1 Surgery
What signs differentiate pericard...,
What is the initial treatment of ...,
What is the management of pericar...
490  cards
2 Surgery
When is surgery indicated for an ...,
What is the classic triad of rupt...,
What is the name and treatment of...
154  cards
CCS Simulator
Acute cholecystitislocation,
Acute cholecystitisdiagnostics,
Acute cholecystitistreatment
8  cards

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