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Infectious Disease
Intravenous treatment for mssa bo...,
Oral treatment for mssa bone hear...,
Treatment for minor mrsa infectio...
319  cards
Allergy and Immunology
Hemodynamic instability hypotensi...,
Anaphylaxis treatment,
Sudden swelling of face palate to...
21  cards
Most common cause of death in us,
Cad risk factors 8,
What is considered significant in...
297  cards
First step in evaluating renal fa...,
Clues renal failure is acute,
Clues renal failure is chronic
241  cards
Breast cancer screening with mamm...,
Breast cancer screening with mamm...,
If a mammogram shows an abnormali...
48  cards
Preventive Medicine
Breast cancer screening test that...,
Breast self examination,
Breast cancer screening
26  cards
Diagnosis for diabetes made by on...,
Strongest indication for screenin...,
Mechanism for type 2 diabetes
145  cards
Sob expiratory wheezing,
Hyperventilation increased rr dec...,
If asthma diagnosis is unclear
164  cards
Women greater than 50 yoa joint p...,
How is rheumatoid arthritis ra de...,
Cardiac findings in ra
187  cards
All forms of anemia lead to,
Pt with severe anemia will have,
Diseases with similar presentatio...
268  cards
Esophageal disorders leading to n...,
Name the causes of dysphagia 7,
Young nonsmoker dysphagia to soli...
290  cards
Sudden onset weakness on one side...,
Stroke spares what part of face,
80 of strokes are
218  cards
30 40 yoa ai disease of unclear e...,
Most accurate test for pemphigus ...,
Treatment for pemphigus vulgaris
134  cards
Blue gray macules on presacral ba...,
Firm yellow white papules pustule...,
Permanent unilateral vascular mal...
74  cards
Diagnosing pregnancy,
First trimester routine tests,
Third trimester routine tests
19  cards
Fibroadenoma fibrocystic disease ...,
Ductal carcinoma in situ dcis lob...,
Causes of enlarged uterus
25  cards
Delusions mostly bizarre disorgan...,
Flattened affect social withdrawa...,
58  cards
When you seelytic bone lesions on...,
When you seeblastic bone lesions ...,
When you seelarge mediastinumthin...
12  cards
Emergency Medicine/Toxicology
Antidote for acetaminophen,
Antidote for aspirin,
Antidote for benzodiazepines
26  cards
Herbal Supplement Uses and Adverse Effects
Ginkgo biloba use,
Ginkgo biloba adverse effect,
Ginseng use
18  cards
If o2 sats are below 90 do,
Normal bicarb,
Cardiac output
95  cards
Infectious Disease COPY
What are the empiric antibiotics ...,
Rx of pneumonia in patient with c...,
What are the major classes of ant...
336  cards
Endocrinology COPY
How is dm dignosis made,
Best initial therarp for type 2 dm,
Best initial medical therapy for ...
104  cards
Pulmonology COPY
Therapy for copd exacerbation,
List the most important features ...,
Enumerate the minimum management ...
235  cards
Antidote to acetaminophen toxicity,
Antidote to aspirin toxicity,
Antidote to carbon monoxide toxicity
49  cards
List two 1st generation cephalosp...,
List the characteristics of cefaz...,
List the characteristics of cepha...
16  cards
Gynecology COPY
List 5 benign breast diseases,
List 6 primary malignant breast d...,
Nipple discharge
133  cards
Obstetrics COPY
Dating methods
164  cards
Preventive Medicine COPY
Common indications of influenza a...,
Specific indications for influenz...,
Specific indications for pneumoco...
12  cards
Pediatrics COPY
What are the dosages of erythromy...,
Penicillins are bacteri ____,
Which clotting factors are vitami...
44  cards
Meconium illeus assoc with which dz,
Chlamydia trachomatis is culprit ...,
Adhd preschool kids
40  cards
Inservice deck 8 - neuro and psych
Htn patient awakens with arm para...,
Tpa dose affected in 85 year old ...,
Name of med given for vaospasm in...
31  cards
Psychiatry COPY
Tca toxicity,
Anticholinergic side effects of tcas,
Contraindications to tcas
20  cards

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