property law and practice

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Freehold transactions
What must the solicitor ensure wh...,
Will a lender care about how long...,
What are the 3 distinct stages of...
43  cards
Title investigation - registered land
At what stage does deducing inves...,
What does deducing title mean,
In deducing title what title docu...
59  cards
Title investigation - unregistered land
When is compulsory first registra...,
Must unregistered land be registe...,
Who is reposible for registering ...
48  cards
Pre-contract searches and enquiries
What is the report on title what ...,
Must a report on title be in writing,
What limitations to the solicitor...
84  cards
The contract and exchange
Will a lender have the same leewa...,
How can a solicitor act for both ...,
Will lenders and buyers in commer...
96  cards
Summary of completion,
What must a buyer s solicitor do ...,
What must a buyer s solicitor do ...
115  cards
Grant of a Lease
What are the advantages of a leas...,
Who are commercial landlords,
What type of lease would an insti...
83  cards
Lease structure and content
Who will usually be responsible f...,
What does demise mean,
What is the definition of premise...
39  cards
What is alienation,
What interest does the grant of a...,
What is assignment will this be p...
98  cards
Business tenancies
What is a tenant with security of...,
What are the benefits of sot fort,
What are the benefits of sot for ...
83  cards
Lease termination
What are the 5 methods of lease t...,
What happens at the end of the ef...,
What happens if a landlord 1 cons...
64  cards

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property law and practice

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