property management apc 2.0

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Why do you want to become a membe...,
What is the role of the rics,
What are the key functions of the...
102  cards
Property Management
Tell me about your responsibiliti...,
Tell me about your responsibiliti...,
Tell me about your responsibiliti...
194  cards
What is the full title of the red...,
What is the current edition of th...,
Who are the internationa lvaluati...
40  cards
Accounting Principles & Procedures
What are the 3 types of financial...,
What is an asset,
What is a liability
105  cards
Tell me about your understanding ...,
When would you use nia as a measu...,
What is nia and what is included
117  cards
Landlord & Tenant
What is the basic difference betw...,
To what tenancies does the 1954 a...,
Name the tenancies to which the 1...
66  cards
Landlord & Tenant 2.0
What is a modern form lease,
What is an old lease
62  cards
Landlord & Tenant 3.0
Tell me about your understanding ...,
Tell me about your understanding ...
101  cards
Health & Safety
What health safety legislation ar...,
How do you ensure you comply with...,
What are the penalties under the ...
78  cards
What is sustainability,
What is sustainable development,
What are the triple bottom line p...
101  cards
What is an easement,
How would you find out about the ...,
How can you tell if there is a so...
69  cards
Inspection 2.0
According to the rics proffession...,
Name some asbestos containing mat...,
Name some asbestos containing mat...
136  cards
Valuation 2.0
Define investment value worth,
Define fair value,
Define market value
158  cards
Data Management
What is gdpr,
What is the data protection act 2018,
When did the data protection act ...
50  cards
Valuation Extra Qs
What is an internal valuer and ho...,
What is an internal valuer and ho...,
How are fees agreed for a red boo...
100  cards

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property management apc 2.0

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