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110: 01 Getting Started
What is a signal path what is the...,
How can you rename a signal path ...,
Where are the i o settings saved ...
20  cards
110: 02 Configuring and Controlling Pro Tools
How should the hardware buffer si...,
When should you enable host engin...,
What dialog box would you use to ...
22  cards
110: 03 Managing Session Data and Media Files
What is required to play quicktim...,
Name the four types of digibase b...,
What are the steps involved in im...
21  cards
110: 04: Recording MIDI and Audio
Describe three ways to set the pr...,
What menu would you use tho displ...,
What are the default meter and te...
26  cards
110: 05: Working with Timebases and Virtual Instruments
Which pro tools timescales are ab...,
Pro tools provides 960 ticks per ...,
How do audio clips respond to tem...
14  cards
110: 06: Working with Elastic Audio
After enabling a tack for elastic...,
Which real time elastic audio plu...,
Which elastic audio plugin provid...
16  cards
110: 07: Working with MIDI and Audio
What are some of the controls ava...,
What does the midi thru option do...,
What is the default thru instrume...
10  cards
110: 08: Audio Editing and File Management Techniques
What are some options for preview...,
What are some options for modifyi...,
What considerations apply when us...
12  cards
110: 09: Additional Editing Techniques
Describe the process of creating ...,
What are the two ways that the tr...,
How would you go about creating a...
10  cards
110: 10: Automation Modes
What are some of the differences ...,
What is the different between the...,
When might you suspend automation...
15  cards
110: 11: Basic Mixing and Signal Flow
How many inserts are available on...,
Are inserts pre fader or post fad...,
How many sends are available on a...
12  cards
110: 12: Advances Mixing Techniques
What is the purpose of a master f...,
When is it necessary to apply dit...,
What is the difference between ty...
10  cards

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