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Chapter 5: Vision
Damage to the mt and mst would re...,
In the visual system the _____ st...,
Although her vision is intact kar...
58  cards
Chapter 3: Anatomy & Research Methods
What does ventral mean and what i...,
What term means toward the midlin...,
If two structures are both on the...
54  cards
Chapter 4: Genetics, Evolution, Development & Plasticity
Suppose you have high sensitivity...,
Suppose you have high sensitivity...,
Suppose someone identifies a gene...
78  cards
Chapter 6: Other Sensory Systems
The auditory receptors known as h...,
Through which mechanism do we per...,
How do we perceive middle frequen...
51  cards
Chapter 7: Movement
What aspect of brain anatomy faci...,
What evidence indicates that cort...,
One of the first areas to become ...
35  cards
Chapter 8: Wakefulness and Sleep
What evidence indicates that huma...,
Why do people at the eastern edge...,
What evidence strongly indicates ...
31  cards
Chapter 9: Internal Regulation
How does the idea of allostasis d...,
What is the primary advantage of ...,
Why did mammals evolve a temperat...
36  cards
Chapter 10: Reproductive Behaviours
What does the sry gene do,
How do sex hormones affect neurons,
What would be the external genita...
29  cards
Chapter 11: Emotional Behaviours
What is the relevance of pure aut...,
In what physiological way if any ...,
What evidence challenges the idea...
31  cards
Chapter 12: Learning, Memory, and Intelligence
Thompson found a localized engram...,
What evidence indicates that the ...,
Why should we conclude that conso...
36  cards
Chapter 13: Cognitive Functions
The left hemisphere of the brain ...,
In humans the right half of each ...,
What can a split brain person do ...
39  cards
Chapter 14: Psychological Disorders
Is a drug with high affinity and ...,
How does predisposition to alcoho...,
How do sons of alcoholics differ ...
43  cards
Chapter 1: Nerve Cells & Nerve Impulses
What are the widely branching str...,
Which animal species would have t...,
Compared to other neurons would a...
23  cards
Chapter 2: Synapses
What evidence led sherrington to ...,
What is the difference between te...,
What was sherrington s evidence f...
25  cards
How does an evolutionary explanat...,
Describe reasons biological psych...,
What are the three r s in the leg...
4  cards

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