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Decks in this class (15)

The royal tenenbaums,
What is personality,
Defining personality
134  cards
Trait taxonomy
Noise blasting study,
Key elements of traits,
What are not personality traits
29  cards
Personality stability and change (Gabrielle's lecture)
By definition traits are stable d...,
Plaster hypothesis,
Contextualist perspective
15  cards
personality psych back on rise
Failure to replicate in social ps...,
Social psychology studies have hi...,
Personality psychology back on rise
3  cards
biological and genetic perspective
Basic assumptions,
Pre scientific approach phrenology,
Galen s 4 humors
27  cards
physiological approach,evolutionary approach, learning and behavior
Physiological approach,
Which personality traits have str...,
Adult traits related to temperament
56  cards
social learning
Observational learning modeling s...,
Is altruism innate or learned,
Shaming sentences may deter crime...
24  cards
What is emotion,
What are the parts of an emotion,
The emotion process
24  cards
social relationships
0  cards
0  cards
0  cards
personality and relationships
Attraction similarities theory,
Complementary needs theory,
What people want
31  cards
gender differences in personality
Damore says,
Summers states,
In response to summer s comments
45  cards
Classical anthropological view,
Modern cultural view
44  cards
real world outcomes
Which big 5 is related to physica...,
Low consciousness predicts,
Less agreeable girls
8  cards

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