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Lecture 1 - Intro to personality and social psychology
Emphasis of personality psychology,
Doctrine of traits,
Doctrine of situationism
36  cards
Lecture 2 - Construction of a Self
William james,
Distinctiveness theory,
Example distinctiveness theory3 e...
24  cards
Lecture 3 - Self-Structure
Integration self concept clarity ...,
Integration self concept clarity bpd,
Self discrepancies
19  cards
Lecture 4 - Culture and the Self
Back in the 80s,
Ecology culture the brain,
Source of happiness
34  cards
Lecture 5 - The Cognitively Adaptive Self
Characteristics of a mentally hea...,
Illusions and well being,
Evidence for the existence of ill...
15  cards
Lecture 6 - Perceived Superiority
Feeling holier than though what d...,
Holier than thou experiments a da...,
Holier than thou experiments b a ...
21  cards
Lecture 7 - The Self in Social Context I
Symbolic interactionism mead 1934,
Symbolic interactionism evidence,
Self presentation and the search ...
15  cards
Lecture 8 - The Self in Social Context II
Self enhancement basics and recap,
Temporal comparisons basics and h...,
Temporal comparisons experimental...
27  cards
Lecture 9 - Shared Reality
How we define sharing,
How we define reality,
Shared reality theory
32  cards
Chapter 3
We can only understand why people...,
What must we be aware of to predi...,
Adaption level
24  cards
Lecture 10 the self under threat
Threats to the self definition,
Defensive responses,
Defensive responses the problem
34  cards
Lecture 11 Mischel
Making sense of consistency corre...,
A proposed solution the power of ...,
What are the benefits and limitat...
27  cards
Chapter 4
Overview of old theories of perso...,
Challenge of 1968,
Challenge of 1968 mischels 2 chal...
9  cards
Lecture 12: Goals I
Goals definitions,
Why do we have brains,
Predicting motivation2 basic thin...
26  cards
Lecture 13 - Goals II
Automotive model bargh 1990,
Does conscious thought lead to ac...,
Finger tip experiment caused cont...
18  cards
Lecture 14 - Mental Control
Mental control,
Mental control as an ironic process,
Rebound effects in thought suppre...
32  cards
Lecture 15 - Gender Differences
Hitting on ppl study,
Sex vs gender,
Effect size
40  cards
Lecture 16 - Prejudice (1) Basics & Race
Old fashioned racism scale,
Mrs 1970s bias expressed in ratio...
30  cards
Lecture 17 - Prejudice (2) Sexism
Construct accessibility,
Gender schema theory revisited,
Treating women as sex objects exp...
30  cards
Lecture 18 - Cultural Variation in Stereotyping etc
History of prejudice research in ...,
Shift toward two dimensional models
17  cards
Lecture 19 - Attachment
Attachment theory history,
The attachment system
33  cards
Lecture 20 - Attachment and the Relational Self
The attachment systemoverview,
Correlates consequences of attach...,
Sex differences in attachment cla...
33  cards
Lecture 21 - The Need to Belong
The fundamental need to belong,
The fundamental need to belong,
The need to belong if people need...
26  cards
Lecture 22 - Person x Situation Interactions
How do persons and situations int...,
Stress diathesis models,
5 httlpr and stressful life event...
26  cards
Lecture 23 - Empathy
Three components of empathy,
1 emotional sharing contagion
33  cards
Lecture 24 - Happiness
The pursuit of happiness is not s...,
We don t know what wewant,
29  cards

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