psych 360: the evolution of behavior

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The Scientific movements leading to Evolutionary Psychology Chp 1
Lamarack s proposed causes of evo...,
Natural selection
9  cards
Chp 1/2
Intersexual competition,
Intersexual selection,
Genetic drift
21  cards
Chapter 2: The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology
Evolutionary psychology,
Evolutionary mismatch,
Characteristics of adaptations
16  cards
Chapter 3: Combating the Hostile forces of Nature Part 1
Surviving the hostile forces of n...,
Basic tastes,
Calorie rich foods
9  cards
Chapter 3 : Combating the hostile forces of nature part 2
The embryo protection hypothesis,
Aspects of embryo protection hypo...,
Our first line of defense behavio...
17  cards
Part 3: Challenges of Sex and Mating
Definition of male female gametes,
Successful reproduction requires,
Long term mating strategy
14  cards
Chapter 4: Women's Long-Term Mating strategies
Selecting a mate who is,
Problem selecting a mate who is a...,
17  cards
Chapter 4 Part 3
Problem selecting a compatible mate,
Example of human flexibility
5  cards
Chapter 5: Men's long-term mating strategies
Why a long term strategy for men,
Problem selecting a mate who can ...,
Reproductive value
5  cards
Chapter 5: Part 2
Blank is used as a cue to youthfu...,
Men show a preference for a sligh...,
Sexual selection puts pressure on...
4  cards
Chapter 5: Part 3
One way to decrease paternity unc...,
Lipstick effect,
Blank shows a bidirectional relat...
6  cards
Chapter 6
The problem for men in short term...,
Problem for women in short term m...,
Problem for men in long term mating
7  cards
Chapter 6 : part 2
Members of the opposite sex becom...,
Coolidge effect,
Behavioral evidence men are more ...
17  cards
Chapter 6: Part 3
Fitness indicator theory,
Genetic diversity problem ecologi...,
Mate switching hypotheses
11  cards
Chapter 11: conflict between the sexes
Strategic interference theory,
Strategic interference theory 2 p...,
Biggest conflict between men and ...
5  cards
Chapter 7: Problems of Parenting Part 1
R selection,
K selection,
2 components of parental roles
9  cards
Chapter 7: Part 2
Mating opportunity cost hypothesis,
Evolved mechanisms of parental ca...,
A man has several sources of info...
12  cards
Chapter 8: Problems of Kinship
Inclusive fitness,
Attempts to explain altruistic be...,
Hamilton s rule for the evolution...
12  cards
Chapter 9 : Problems of Group Living
Reciprocity norm,
3 keys to success,
Capacities for social contracts
15  cards
Chapter 10: Agression and Warfare
Some researchers propose that we ...,
Aggression as a solution to adapt...,
Humans stockpile resources valuab...
13  cards
Chapter 12: Status, Prestige, and Social Dominance
Logic of hieracy,
Dominance hierarchy,
Some of status increasing criteria
8  cards
Chapter 12; Part 2
1  cards

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psych 360: the evolution of behavior

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