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What is the largest individual di...,
What is involved in the examinati...,
What are negative cognitions
20  cards
What is dysthymia,
What is euthymia,
What is mood
52  cards
Affect & Depression
What is the prevalence of depression,
Who is depression most common in ...,
What are the core symptoms of dep...
65  cards
Why is the highest rate of suicid...,
What medication can cause seroton...,
What are the features of serotoni...
80  cards
CBT & Defence mechanisms
What type of questions are used i...,
What is socratic questioning,
How are problems mapped out split...
26  cards
Schizophrenia and related disorders
What is psychosis,
What is a delusion,
What is thought disorder
45  cards
Delusional disorders
What are delusional disorders,
Think of some things which are in...,
How about presence of occasional ...
11  cards
Schizophrenia and related disorders management
What therapy should you offer to ...,
What is the difference between fi...,
Which generation tend to be offer...
50  cards
Cognitive Disorders
What is the fair acronym for deme...,
Name the causes of cognitive impa...,
What is pseudo dementia
82  cards
Random Psych bits
What goes first in people with de...,
What is mixed dementia,
If you were asked to do an amts i...
69  cards
Anxiety and related disorders
What is a panic attack,
What are the autonomic arousal sy...,
What are the symptoms of anxiety ...
27  cards
How long should you continue anti...,
What are discontinuation symptoms,
What are the symptoms of serotoni...
96  cards
Eating Disorders
Which 3 factors are needed to cla...,
Which 3 factors are needed to cla...,
How common are anorexia nervosa a...
43  cards
Learning disabilities
Which criteria have to be met in ...,
If you have an iq of 50 69 which ...,
If you have an iq of 35 49 which ...
36  cards
What class of drugs are amphetamines,
How do amphetamines work,
How do amphetamines make you feel
75  cards
Mental Health Legislations
What does the human rights act state,
When was the mental health act wr...,
What are the 5 guiding principles...
33  cards
Neurotic disorders
What is neuroleptic malignant syn...,
Which drug is nms associated most,
What are the symptoms of nms
6  cards
Post baby psychosis etc
What percentage of mothers does p...,
What percentage of mothers does p...,
What percentage does puerperal ps...
24  cards
Which drugs are administered befo...,
How should you decide to do unila...,
How many treatments of patients u...
6  cards
Psychological treatments
How does interpersonal therapy work,
How does individual dynamic psych...
2  cards
What is subcortical dementia,
Which blood tests are first line ...,
What are the causes of delirium r...
58  cards
Personality Disorders
Which personalities types fall in...,
What personality types fall into ...,
Which personality types fall into...
15  cards
Eating, sleep & sexual disorders
What chromosome has been implicat...,
What personality cluster do eatin...
2  cards
Weird culture bound syndromes
What is amok,
What is brain fag,
What is dhat
7  cards

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