psychodynamic (psy 758)

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Class 1
Sigmund freud 1856 1939,
Main criticisms of psychodynamic ...,
Evolution of psychodynamic theori...
25  cards
Class 2
Freud s work,
Freud s work,
Drive theory
22  cards
Class 3: Object relations and Attachment theories
Review drive,
Review ego influential people,
Object relations
38  cards
Class 4: Self Psychology and Relational and Interpersonal Theories
Heinz kohut,
Self psychology,
Self psychology
33  cards
Class 5: Adlerian
Alfred adler 1870 1937,
Adler s individual psychology,
Fundamentals of individual psycho...
20  cards
Class 6: Short-term Psychodynamic Therapy and Models of Change and The Therapeutic Alliance
Short term psychodynamic psychoth...,
Short term dynamic psychotherapy ...,
Short term dynamic psychotherapy ...
12  cards
Class 7: Core Psychodynamic Problems
Nomothetic vs idiographic knowledge,
Core conflictual relationship theme,
Core psychodynamic problems list ...
26  cards
Class 8: Case Conceptualization
Case conceptualization,
Case conceptualization,
Case conceptualization
20  cards
Class 9: just extra cpp of obsessionally
Obsessionality controlling feelings,
Obsessionality formulation,
Obsessionality treatment goals
7  cards
Class 10: The Therapist’s Experience
What is the best predictor of the...,
Therapeutic moments,
Therapeutic moments
21  cards
Class 11/12: Time-Limited Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Time limited dynamic psychotherap...,
Time limited dynamic psychotherap...,
Time limited dynamic psychotherap...
22  cards

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psychodynamic (psy 758)

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