psychological skills - issues and debates

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How does ethics impact psychologi...,
How can issues regarding animal e...,
What must be done to see if the u...
31  cards
Socially Sensitive Research
What is socially sensitive research,
How is rosenhan 1973 an example o...,
How is milgram 1963 an example of...
36  cards
Practical Issues in the Design and Implementation of Research
What are practical issues,
What does design refer to,
What does implementation refer to
38  cards
What is reductionism,
What is holism,
How is social impact theory reduc...
15  cards
Comparisons Between Ways of Explaining Different Themes
What role does the theme role of ...,
How do agency theory and social i...,
How are the msm and wmm similar
22  cards
Psychology as a Science
What is the hypothetico deductive...,
What is falsification,
What is reductionism
34  cards
Culture and Gender
How does becker show gender issue...,
How does bandura show gender issu...,
How can gender be an issue in lea...
30  cards
What is nature,
What is nurture,
What is interactionism
52  cards
Psychology Over Time
The multi store model was devised...,
How did the wmm develop,
How hasnt cognitive psychology de...
22  cards
Issues of Social Control
What is social control,
What issues do techniques of soci...,
How is drug treatment a form of s...
32  cards
The Use of Psychological Knowledge Within Society
How has knowledge of prejudice be...,
How has our knowledge of obedienc...,
What is a weakness of the contrib...
19  cards
Practical Experiments
What was the aim of the learning ...,
What was the hypothesis for the l...,
What was the background to the le...
39  cards

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psychological skills - issues and debates

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