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Schemers Pg-70
What are the three assumptions,
What is a schemer,
What do psychologically in your b...
7  cards
Internal mental process Pg-70
How does our brain mentally proce...,
Because there are various mental ...,
So its like with music your inter...
4  cards
the computer anaolgy
What is the computer anaolgy,
What is the process for the compu...,
What could be examples of an inpu...
8  cards
What does cbt stand for,
When someone has cbt what is the ...,
What are irrational thoughts
11  cards
CBT- cures
What are the three ways of treatm...,
What is a dysfunctional thought d...,
What is cognitive reconstructing
6  cards
evaluation of CBT- effectiveness
What are the four souces of how w...,
What is research support,
What is therapist competence
5  cards
Loftus and Plamer experiment 1
What was the purpose of the exper...,
How many people did the experimen...,
How many groups were there
16  cards
Loftus and Plamer experiment 2
Why was the experiement done,
How many peole were in each group,
How may groups
16  cards
Eye Witness testimony is not reliable
Why is it not reliable in convict...,
Why would memory be unreliable,
What are some environmental facto...
4  cards
Eye Witness Testimony is reliable
What do people belive the human m...,
What did james mcclelland say abo...
2  cards
Evaluation EWT- Post event
Who was the study done by for ewt,
What happened red purse,
What percentage of peope remember...
9  cards
Evaluation EWT- Crimes are emotive experiences
What as the study for ewt,
What was the study about,
Why is this a good source
6  cards
Evaluation EWT- Child witness are/n't reliable
What was the study for,
What were the results of the ages
12  cards
Evaluation EWT- memory is reconstructive
What is the study for this,
What percentage of eye witneses k...,
How dose this proce ewt
10  cards
Evaluation EWT- The wepon effect
Who lead this experiment,
What were the two conditions in t...,
What did the participants hear in...
7  cards
Evaluation EWT- Loftus and Messo 1987
How many experiments were there,
How many students were in experim...,
How many students were in experim...
15  cards
Evaluation EWT- others and overall conclution
If there is a lot of people,
What about race,
What about when the suspect is be...
4  cards

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