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PAPER 1 - ATTACHMENT - strange situation
What are the 3 types of attachment,
What is secure attachment,
What is insecure avoidant attachment
24  cards
PAPER 1 - ATTACHMENT - bowlby's monotropy theory
In bowlby s theory of attachment ...,
Why did bowlby suggest that attac...,
What type of perspective is bowlb...
17  cards
PAPER 1 - ATTACHMENT - learning theory
What approach is learning theory,
What is learning theory,
What are the 2 types of conditioning
19  cards
PAPER 1 - ATTACHMENT - infant and caregiver interactions
What is proximity seeking,
What is separation protest,
What is pleasure at reunion
18  cards
PAPER 1 - ATTACHMENT - cultural variations in attachment
What is a meta analysis,
What is an individualistic culture,
What is collectivist culture
14  cards
PAPER 1 - ATTACHMENT - animal studies
What did harlow want to study,
What were the monkey infants depe...,
What was harlows explanation for ...
18  cards
PAPER 1 - ATTACHMENT - bowlbys theory of maternal deprivation
What did bowlbys theory of matern...,
What were the key assumptions of ...,
What would happen if an infant wa...
20  cards
PAPER 1 - ATTACHMENT - stages of attachment/ role of the father
What were schaffer and emerson s ...,
Who counter argues schaffer and e...,
What is schaffer and emerson s th...
19  cards
PAPER 1 - ATTACHMENT - effects of institutionalisation
What was the aim of rutter and so...,
What was the procedure of the,
What were the findings of rutter ...
13  cards
PAPER 1 - ATTACHMENT - influence of early attachment and adult relationships - role of internal working model
What was the aim of hazan and sha...,
What was the procedure of hazan a...,
What were the findings and conclu...
13  cards
PAPER 1 - PSYCHOPATHOLOGY - definitions of abnormality
What is statistical infrequency,
What is statistical infrequency,
What is deviation from social norms
16  cards
PAPER 1 - PSYCHOPATHOLOGY - behavioural, emotional & cognitive characteristics of phobias, depression & OCD
What are the emotional characteri...,
What are the cognitive characteri...,
What are the behavioural characte...
13  cards
PAPER 1 - PSYCHOPATHOLOGY - behavioural approach to explaining & treating phobias
What is the key theory of the beh...,
What is the 2 process model by mo...,
What was the aim of the little al...
23  cards
PAPER 1 - PSYCHOPATHOLOGY - cognitive approach to explaining & treating depression
What are cognitive distortions,
What is the fundamental belief of...,
What are 2 cognitive explanations...
26  cards
PAPER 1 - PSYCHOPATHOLOGY - biological approach to explaining & treating OCD
What is the fundamental belief of...,
What is the role o the comt gene ...,
What is the role of the sert gene
19  cards
PAPER 2 - APPROACHES - origins of psychology
What is empiricism,
What is introspection,
What is scientific method
21  cards
PAPER 2 - APPROACHES - the behaviourist approach
What is the fundamental belief of...,
What was pavlov able to get the d...,
What is the ucs in pavlov s exper...
23  cards
PAPER 2 - APPROACHES - social learning theory
What is the fundamental belief of...,
What is social learning theory,
What was the procedure of the stu...
17  cards
PAPER 2 - APPROACHES - the cognitive approach
What is the fundamental belief of...,
What is the cognitive approach,
What are schemas
15  cards
PAPER 2 - APPROACHES - the biological approach
What is the fundamental belief of...,
What is the genotype,
What is the phenotype
22  cards
PAPER 2 - APPROACHES - the psychodynamic approach
What is the id,
What is the ego,
What is the superego
17  cards
PAPER 2 - APPROACHES - the humanistic approach
What is the fundamental belief of...,
What is free will,
What is self actualisation
19  cards
What are the 3 main comparison po...,
What is determinism,
What is free will
38  cards
PAPER 3 - SCHIZOPHRENIA - classification and diagnosis
What is schizophrenia,
What is classification of mental ...,
What are positive symptoms
17  cards
PAPER 3 - SCHIZOPHRENIA - biological explanations for schizophrenia
How can an investigation into gen...,
How can family studies be used as...,
How can candidate genes be used a...
13  cards
PAPER 3 - SCHIZOPHRENIA - psychological explanations for schizophrenia: family dysfunction and cognitive explanations
What is included in psychological...,
What is involved in family dysfun...,
What is the double bind theory
15  cards
PAPER 3 - SCHIZOPHRENIA - drug therapy
What are antipsychotic drugs,
What are atypical antipsychotics,
What are typical antipsychotics
12  cards
PAPER 3 - SCHIZOPHRENIA - CBTp and family therapy as treatments of schizophrenia
What are the 2 aims of family the...,
What is family therapy,
What is frank burbach s model of ...
22  cards
PAPER 3 - SCHIZOPHRENIA - token economies: managements of schizophrenia
What is a token enconomy,
What do the tokens act as and wha...,
What are target behaviours
16  cards
PAPER 3 - SCHIZOPHRENIA - the interactionalist approach to schizophrenia
What is the interactionist approach,
What is the diathesis stress model,
Who was the original diathesis st...
20  cards
PAPER 3 - ISSUES AND DEBATES - socially sensitive research
What is the research process,
What is treatment of participants,
What is institutional context
21  cards
PAPER 3 - ISSUES AND DEBATES - the nature-nurture debate
What is the nature nurture debate,
What are 2 examples of the influe...,
What are the examples of genetic ...
14  cards
PAPER 3 - ISSUES AND DEBATES - culture bias
What is culture bias,
What are forms of culture bias,
What is ethnocentrism
8  cards
PAPER 3 - FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY - offender profiling
What is offender profiling,
What is the aim of offender profi...,
What is the top down approach to ...
18  cards
PAPER 3 - FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY - biological explanations of offending behaviour
1  cards
PAPER 3 - FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY - psychological explanations of offending behaviour
0  cards
PAPER 3 - FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY - dealing with offending behaviour
0  cards

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