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Approaches: Origins of psychology
Define a science,
What was william wundt contributi...,
What is introspection
18  cards
Approaches: The behaviourist approach
What are the key assumptions of t...,
How is behaviour explained,
What is classical conditioning
21  cards
Approaches: Social learning theory
What is social learning theory,
Outline the three assumptions of ...,
What are the 4 meditational proce...
16  cards
Approaches: The cognitive approach
What is the cognitive approach co...,
What are the assumptions of the c...,
What are theoretical models
15  cards
Approaches: The biological approach
What is the biological approach,
What are the assumptions of the b...,
What are genes
25  cards
Approaches: The psychodynamic approach
Who is the face of the psychodyna...,
What is the psychodynamic approach,
What are the main assumptions of ...
21  cards
Approaches: The humanistic approach
What is the humanistic approach,
What are the main assumptions of ...,
What is free will
15  cards
Approaches: Comparison of approaches
What is determinism,
What is nature,
What is nurture
10  cards
Social influence: Types of conformity and explanations for conformity
What is conformity,
What are the three types of confo...,
What is compliance
12  cards
Social influence: Variables affecting conformity
What was asch s aim for his resea...,
What was asch s procedure of the ...,
What was asch s finding of the co...
15  cards
Social influence: Conformity to social roles
What are social roles,
What was the aim of zimbardo s study,
What was the sample of the resear...
14  cards
Social influence: Situational variables affecting obedience
What are the situation variables ...,
Explain the effect of proximity o...,
Explain the effect of location on...
17  cards
Social influence: Agentic state and legitimacy of authority
What is an agentic state,
What is legitimate of authority,
What are the 2 explanations for o...
19  cards
Social influence: The authoritarian personality
What is authoritarian personality,
What are dispositional explanatio...,
What is the f scale
17  cards
Social influence: Resistance to social influence
What is social support,
What are the 2 explanations for r...,
What is resistance to social infl...
21  cards
Social influence: Minority influence
What is minority influence,
What does minority influence create,
What are the 3 important factors ...
16  cards
Social influence: Processes in social change
What is social change,
What are 5 ways minority influenc...,
What is drawing attention to an i...
14  cards
Sex and Gender: Gender
What is sex,
What is gender,
What is androgyny
13  cards
The role of chromosomes: Gender
What are chromosomes,
What are hormones,
What is the chromosomal structure...
14  cards
Cognitive explanations of gender development: Gender
What was kohlberg s theory of mor...,
What is conservation moral develo...,
What are the 3 stages of kohlberg...
25  cards
Psychodynamic explanation of gender development: Gender
What does the psychodynamic expla...,
What is internalisation,
What is the electra complex
30  cards
Social learning explanations of gender development: Gender
What is social learning theory,
What does social learning theory ...,
How does indirect reinforcement p...
23  cards
Atypical gender development: Gender
What is gender identity disorder,
What are the two main explanation...,
What are the two biological expla...
15  cards
Biopsychology: The nervous system
What are the functions of the ner...,
What are the functions of the ner...,
What is the cns made up of
19  cards
Biopsychology: Neurons and synaptic transmission
What are the 3 types of neurons,
What is the sensory neuron respon...,
What is the relay neuron responsi...
20  cards
Biopsychology: The endocrine system
What is the endocrine system and ...,
What are hormones,
How is endocrine system different...
15  cards
Biopsychology: The fight or flight response
What s the fight or flight response,
Which part of the brain is stimul...,
What does the amygdala associate ...
19  cards
Biopsychology: Localisation of function
What is localisation of function,
What are the 6 parts of the brain,
What are the 3 types of centres i...
16  cards
Biopsychology: Lateralisation and split - brain research
What is hemispheric lateralisation,
Information in the left visual fi...,
What is the link between the two ...
13  cards
Biopsychology: Plasticity and functional recovery of the brain
What is brain plasticity,
Qwhat is functional recovery,
Explain brain plasticity
15  cards
Biopsychology: Ways of studying the brain
What are the 4 scanning techniques,
What s an fmri scan,
What s an eeg scan
9  cards
Biopsychology: Circadian rhythms
What are biological rhythms,
What is a circadian rhythm,
What is the sleep wake cycle
11  cards
Biopsychology: Ultradian and infradian rhythms
What is an infradian rhythm,
Menstrual cycles infradian rhythm,
Exogenous zeitgebers may synchron...
19  cards
Biopsychology: Endogenous pacemakers and exogenous zeitgebers
What are endogenous pacemakers,
What is the primary endogenous pa...,
What are animal studies to do wit...
16  cards
Psychopathology: Definitions of abnormality
What are the 4 definitions of abn...,
What is a deviation from social n...,
What are 2 examples of deviation ...
27  cards
Psychopathology: Mental disorders
What are the three mental disorders,
What are the three classes of cha...,
What is a phobia
14  cards
Psychopathology: The behavioural approach to explaining phobias
What is classical conditioning,
What is operant conditioning,
Who proposed the two process mode...
15  cards
Psychopathology: The behavioural approach to treating phobias
What is systematic desensitisation,
What is flooding,
Who developed systematic desensit...
11  cards
Psychopathology: The cognitive approach to explaining depression
What is the cognitive approach,
What did beck believe about depre...,
What were the 3 parts of beck s c...
14  cards
Psychopathology: The cognitive approach to treating depression
What is cbt,
Define irrational thoughts,
What does cbt involve
12  cards
Psychopathology: The biological approach to explaining OCD
What are the 2 explanations for e...,
What is meant by nature vs nurture,
How do family studies eg brothers...
24  cards
Psychopathology: The biological approach to treating OCD
What is the biological approach t...,
What is the aim of drug therapy,
What is ssri
14  cards
Schizophrenia: Classification of schizophrenia
What is the nature of schizophrenia,
How do you diagnose someone with ...,
What are the 2 types of symptoms ...
18  cards
Schizophrenia: Reliability and validity in diagnosis and calssification
What are the 2 issues regarding t...,
What is meant by reliability for sz,
Define diagnostic reliability
22  cards
Schizophrenia: Biological explanations for schizophrenia
What are biological explanations,
What ar ethe genetic,
How do family studies play a part...
17  cards
Schizophrenia: Drug therapy
What is drug therapy,
What are two types of biological ...,
What are antipsychotics and how d...
13  cards
Schizophrenia: Psychological explanations for schizophrenia
What re the cognitive explanation...,
What are the two explanations of ...,
What is family dysfunction
13  cards
Schizophrenia: CBT
What is cbt,
What are the assumptions of cbtp,
What is the nature of cbt
9  cards
Schizophrenia: Family therapy
What is family therapy,
What is the nature pf family therapy,
What was the key study to do with...
11  cards
Schizophrenia: Token economy and the management of schizophrenia
What is token economy,
How does token economy work,
What is a study to do with token ...
11  cards
Schizophrenia: An interactionist approach
What is the diathesis stress model,
What is diathesis,
What is stress
12  cards

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