psychology paper 1 year 14

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What is conformity,
What is internalisation,
What is identification
10  cards
Asch’s Research
Arch s aim,
Asch s procedure,
Asch s findings
11  cards
Zimbardo’s research
What are social roles,
Zimbardo s aim,
Zimbardo s procedure
9  cards
Milgram’s Research
What is obedience,
Milgram s aim,
Milgram s procedure
33  cards
Resistance To Social Influence
What is resistance to social infl...,
What is social support in terms o...,
What is social support in terms o...
11  cards
Minority Influence
What is minority influence,
Moscovici behavioural styles whic...,
What is consistency
18  cards
Social Influence And Social Change
What is social influence,
What is social change,
How to bring about change in society
13  cards
Caregiver - Infant Interactions
What is attachment,
What is intersectional synchrony,
What is reciprocity
9  cards
Schaffer And Emerson’s Stages Of Attachment
What is the stages of attachment,
What is multiple attachments,
Schaffer and emerson s aim
19  cards
The Role Of The Father
What is one variable that is impo...,
Father as a primary caregiver,
Evaluation of the role of fathers...
6  cards
Animal Studies Of Attachment
What are animal studies,
Lorenz s imprinting phenomenon,
Lorenz s aim
22  cards
Learning Theory And Attachment
What is classical conditioning in...,
What is operant conditioning in t...,
Attachment as a secondary drive
7  cards
Bowlby’s Theory Of Attachment
Attachment is adaptive,
Monotropy theory,
What are social releasers
9  cards
Ainsworth's Strange Situation
What is a strange situation,
Ainsworth s aim,
Ainsworth s procedure
10  cards
Cross Cultural Variations in Attachment
What are cross cultural variations,
Van ijendoorn and kroonenberg s aim,
Van ijendoorn and kroonenberg s p...
9  cards
Bowlby's Theory of Maternal Deprivation
What is maternal deprivation,
Bowlby s theory of maternal depri...,
Separation vs deprivation
13  cards
Effects of Institutionalisation
What is institutionalisation,
Orphan studies,
Rutter et al s procedure
11  cards
Influence Of Early Attachments On Later Relationships
What are internal working models,
The role of the internal working ...,
Relationships in later childhood
12  cards
Coding, Capacity And Duration Of Memory
What is coding,
Baddeley s research on coding pro...,
Baddeley s research on coding fin...
17  cards
Multi - Store Model Of Memory
What is the multi store model,
What is the coding capacity and d...,
What is the coding capacity and d...
8  cards
Tulving’s Types Of Long Term Memory
What is episodic memory,
What is semantic memory,
What is procedural memory
7  cards
Working Memory Model
What is the working memory model,
Baddeley and hitch s explanation ...,
What are the four components of t...
11  cards
Explanations of Forgetting
Explanation 1 interference theory,
Proactive interference,
Retroactive interference
14  cards
Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Eyewitness Testimony
What is the eyewitness testimony ewt,
Factor 1 affecting ewt leading qu...,
What is misleading information
19  cards
Improving the Accuracy of EWT
What is the cognitive interview,
How does the ci work,
Reinstate the context
10  cards
Definitions of Abnormality
What is abnormality,
Statistical infrequency definition,
Example of statistical infrequency
25  cards
What is a phobia,
Behavioural characteristics of ph...,
Emotional characteristics of phobias
4  cards
Explaining Phobias
Classical conditioning explanatio...,
Research for classical conditioni...,
Operant conditioning explanation ...
9  cards
Treating Phobias
Systematic desensitisation,
Processes within systematic desen...,
Evaluation of systematic desensit...
11  cards
What is depression,
Behavioural characteristics of de...,
Emotional characteristics of depr...
4  cards
Explaining Depression
Becks theory of depression,
Evaluation of becks theory of dep...,
Evaluation of becks theory of dep...
10  cards
Treating Depression
Cognitive behavioural therapy cbt,
Evaluation of cbt and rebt effect...
6  cards
What is ocd,
Behavioural characteristics of ocd,
Emotional characteristics of ocd
4  cards
Explaining OCD
Genetic explanation comt and sert,
Genetic explanation polygenic,
Genetic explanation ah genes
13  cards
Treating OCD
Antidepressants ssri s,
Antidepressants alternatives to s...,
Evaluation of treatment effective...
6  cards

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