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Forensics: Defining and Measuring Crime, Offender Profiling
What are the 2 problems with defi...,
What are the 3 ways of measuring ...,
What are official statistics
30  cards
Schizophrenia: diagnosis
What is a psychosis,
What are the types of schizophrenia,
What is disorganised schizophrenia
19  cards
Issues and debates: gender bias
What is alpha bias,
Give an example of alpha bias in ...,
What is beta bias
14  cards
Relationships: sexual selection and human reproduction
What is natural selection,
What is sexual selection,
What is anisogamy
19  cards
Schizophrenia: biological explanations
What does the biological approach...,
Explain the evidence from family ...,
Explain the evidence from twin st...
21  cards
Issues and debates: cultural bias
What is cultural bias,
What is ethnocentrism,
What is cultural relativism
19  cards
Forensics: genetic and neural explanations
What is the neural explanation of...,
What is the genetic explanation o...,
Explain how adoption studies are ...
14  cards
Schizophrenia: drug treatment
What are the 2 main types of anti...,
What are typical antipsychotics,
What are antagonists
15  cards
Schizophrenia: Psychological explanations / treatments
List the psychological factors wh...,
Explain the cognitive factors,
Explain how family dysfunction is...
31  cards
Relationships: Self-disclosure
What is self disclosure,
What is social penetration theory...,
What is the onion metaphor social...
15  cards
Relationships: Physical attractiveness
Explain the importance of physica...,
What is the halo effect dion,
What is the matching hypothesis w...
9  cards
Issues and debates: Free Will and Determinism
What is determinism,
What is free will,
What is hard determinism
16  cards
Issues and Debates: nature/nurture
What is the philosophical backgro...,
What is the nature argument,
How do we assess nature heredity
17  cards
Forensics: Atavistic Form (Explanation of offending)
What is atavistic form,
What was lombroso s theory on off...,
What were the atavistic character...
12  cards
Forensics: Eyesnick's theory
What is eyesnick s recipe for the...,
What is the biological explanatio...,
What is the biological explanatio...
14  cards
Forensics: Cognitive explanations
What was kohlberg s original stud...,
What is pre conventional reasonin...,
What is conventional reasoning le...
18  cards
Relationships: Filter theory
What is filter theory,
What are the 3 filters kerchkoff ...,
What is the social demographic fi...
11  cards
Relationships: Social Exchange Theory
Social exchange theory is an econ...,
What is thibaut and kelley model ...,
Give examples of rewards and costs
15  cards
Relationships: Rusbult's investment model
What is the investment model of c...,
What role does the quality of alt...,
What is investment and what are t...
18  cards
Forensics: Differential association theory (DAT)
What is hybristophilia dahlen and...,
Summarise the differential associ...,
Explain how crime is a learned be...
13  cards
Forensics: Psychodynamic theory
Summarise blackburn s theory,
Explain the weak superego blackburn,
Explain the deviant superego blac...
12  cards
Forensics: Behaviour modification in custody (prison)
What is behaviour modification in...,
What is the token economy,
What is the conjugal visit a rewa...
8  cards
Forensics: Anger Management
What is the anger management prog...,
What is novato s theory on anger,
What are the 3 steps of anger man...
13  cards
Forensics: Restorative Justice
What are the aims of restorative ...,
What happens during restorative j...,
What are the aims of restorative ...
14  cards
Forensics: custodial sentencing
What are the aims of custodial se...,
What is deterrence,
What is incapacitation
17  cards
Relationships: Equity theory (Walster)
Explain how equity theory is diff...,
What is satisfaction,
Explain how satisfaction is about...
15  cards
Relationships: Duck's Phase Model
What were duck s 3 main reasons a...,
What is pre existing doom,
What is mechanical failure
17  cards
Relationships: Virtual relationships in social media
What is reduced cues theory sprou...,
What is disinhibition,
What is deindividuation
16  cards
Relationships: Parasocial relationships
What are parasocial relationships...,
What are the factors in parasocia...,
What is the celebrity attitude sc...
18  cards
Issues and Debates: Holism and reductionism
What is holism,
What is reductionism,
What os the holistic approach to ...
8  cards
Issues and Debates: Idiographic and nomothetic approach
What is the nomothetic approach,
What is the idiographic approach,
What are personality tests
13  cards
Issues and Debates: Ethical Implications
What are the british psychologica...,
What are ethical implications,
What is socially sensitive resear...
10  cards
Schizophrenia: interactionist approach
Summarise the interactionist appr...,
What is the diathesis stress model,
What is meehl s model on schizoph...
9  cards

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