psyu3352 & psyu3399 revision

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PSYU3399 Driver behaviour
How did rothengatter 1997 define ...,
How much has the of drivers and c...,
How many lives were lost by the d...
22  cards
PSYU3399 drug & Alcohol ethics
In 2012 how many drug related dea...,
How many people are addicted to d...,
Who are risky drinkers
12  cards
PSYU3399 internet pornography
What role does sexual violence in...,
What theories underpin the link b...,
What basis do a vocal minority ha...
21  cards
PSYU3399 obesity, EDB
How has prevalence of obesity cha...,
What adverse effects is body diss...,
What group of people have highest...
3  cards
PSYU3399 Aggression
What is aggression what is violence,
What did archer then lorenz ducks...,
How is aggression viewed in the d...
22  cards
PSYU3399 media psychology
How much time on average is spent...,
What are the estimates for how mu...,
Of the gruel and millett statemen...
13  cards
PSYU3399 pathways to registration
According to john franklin psycho...,
What are the 3 approved pathways ...,
According to the wesley mission h...
10  cards
PSYU3399 family violence
How does child abuse affect child...,
How many australians does dv affect,
How many dv cases do australian p...
8  cards
PSYU3399 profession dev + self care
What ongoing professional develop...,
What are potential types of cpd,
How many hours of active cpd is r...
24  cards
What is the aps,
How does the aps help you build s...,
What are some of the benefits of ...
4  cards
PSYU3399 psychological literacy
What are 4 things a capstone unit...,
How many graduates go on to furth...,
What are the most and least desir...
11  cards
interviews & psyc WHS
What is the abc model for giving ...,
What are examples of achievements...,
What is workplace mental health a...
9  cards
WHS & ethics modules
As a pace student what are your w...,
According to workssafe victoria h...,
What are the key points of risk a...
15  cards
APA code of ethics
Who is a client,
What is conduct,
What does multiple relationships ...
14  cards
What is the distinction between f...,
What is normative ethics,
What is descriptive ethics
10  cards
legislative frameworks
What are the key principles of th...,
Who is the act for,
What patients must be deemed well...
22  cards

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psyu3352 & psyu3399 revision

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